Ana Maria Vasquez


Top 5 Ways to Connect with the Animals & Nature

YOU can receive messages from the animals & nature! Your vibrational energy effects the clarity & accuracy of the messages you receive from animals & nature.

    • Discover the Top 5 Ways to Connect Deeper with Animals & Nature
    • Learn about Energetic Supplementation and How it Effects Your Ability to Receive Messages from Animals & Nature
    • Clear Your Mind, Body and Energetic Field to Receive Clearer Messages from the Animals, Nature & Your Higher Self


Package A

Natural Realm Activation Program

Here’s What’s Included in this Nature Channeled Program:

    • 5 modules (audio & video) delivering tips & techniques to activate YOUR sacred alliance with the natural realm
      • 7 Part shamanic activation journey
      • Calibrating your energetic field to the life force energy of nature
      • Music of the Plants Nature Activation
      • Activating Shadow Animal Energy for Deep Transformation
      • Activating the Energy of the Seasons, Solstices & Equinoxes
    • Live Group Activation and Q&A/Intuitive Energy Readings with Ana Maria
    • BONUS: “Journey with the Elementals Through the 4 Elements” audio by Anne LaFrance

Value: $900

Regular Price: $197

Your Price $97

Discount: 51% – YOU SAVE $100


Package B

Everything from Package A PLUS a 30 Minute Private Session with Ana Maria Vasquez

Experience everything from Package A with the addition of a 30 minute private session with Ana Maria to support and enhance your experience. Ana Maria will read which Direction, Element, Animal, Mineral and others who’d like to support you on your expansion. This includes an audio recording of your session for you.

Value: $1025

Regular Price: $322

Your Price $197

Discount: 39% – YOU SAVE $125

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Pam Oslie


Pam has generously offered this Guided Imagery Meditation ~ ABUNDANCE as her FREE gift.


This relaxing guided imagery focuses on shifting your thoughts and beliefs around abundance. It is intended to improve your relationship with money and prosperity, and help you accept wealth without guilt and struggle. This program uses uplifting and unique images to help you move beyond any limited images you may currently hold, replacing old programmed subconscious images that may be blocking your ability to create abundance in your life with new supportive beliefs and inner pictures.


Discover How to Develop Your Natural Advanced Abilities!’ 

This powerful course is designed to help you evolve and quantum leap to your greatest potential.

  • Learn how to use thought and energy to affect physical objects, manifest your desires, heal your body, influence your environment, and more.
  • Learn how to develop your intuitive, telepathic, and psychic abilities. Discover how to see outside of time and space to know the past, present, and future.
  • Discover how to sense energy fields, or auras, and know significant information about yourself and other people based on the frequencies or colors in the aura.
  • Learn how to intentionally move into parallel universes to change your life.
  • Learn how to see other lives, also called “past” lives by some.
  • Discover how to talk to people who have died and crossed over to the other side.
  • Learn how to communicate with loving beings in other realms for guidance.

Gain lifetime access to this 7 hour course


Value: $147

Your Price $97

Discount: 34% – YOU SAVE $50

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Ellen Watts


Ellen has generously offered this Gratitude Overnight Activator & Accelerator Exercise as her FREE gift.

 A 20 minute downloadable recording of Ellen’s Gratitude Practice with 4 extra gratitude gifts.


Ellen has generously offered £20 off her audio book – “Cosmic Ordering Made Easier – How to get more of what you want, more often” 

To access the special offer price click on the link below and use the word MAGICAL at the checkout.

Value: £29.99

Your Price: £9.99

Discount: 67% – YOU SAVE £20

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Nora WalksInSpirit


Nora has generously offered this Powerful Audio Transmission ~ Accelerating Your Consciousness Through The Whales as her FREE gift.


Accelerating Your Consciousness through the Whales: 44 mins Transmission

Telepathic Meridians below the Ocean Fields will be transforming your Inner Childs to an Inner Knowing of Connecting, Elevating of a New Light Consciousness of your own Frequency of Mastery through Tones and Vibrations of STILLNESS


Please note we are still awaiting the link to this free gift.



HEALING SESSION ~ 1 full Hour includes Recording  

All Sessions begin with Highest Vibrations of STILLNESS, when heightened Energies begin arriving into your own Energy Fields as the Masters’ of Multi-Dimensions orchestrate Light Essences of Intelligences into your own heart of knowing. Once Nora becomes connected within her Body, Mind and Soul a beautiful Telepathic Thread of Intelligences weaves within her, as the Master Consciousness transmits LOVE LIGHT into your open Mind and Awakened Soul and you experience a Profound Healing.


Value: $200

Your Price $175

Discount: 12.5% – YOU SAVE $25



Gateways to Reality includes:

7-7 GATEWAY:  An elevating activating Connection into a Crystal Light Consciousness of your Soul Light Journey unveiling within you now. This 7-7 GATEWAY will not only elevate your Hearts and Minds to Listen within to your Soul LIGHT Essence, but will Align Balance and Activate your entire Body into a deeper Honoring and Connection to your Soul Child 

8-8 GATEWAY:  We are now ready to Shift our Consciousness through these Infinite Light Crystals into an empowering 8:8 Lions Gate of a Portal Alignment into your Higher Soul’s Consciousness to assist in the Activation of our own Crystalline Ascension

10-10 GATEWAY:  This Gateway heralds the Awakening of Consciousness in all Man Kingdom to start Projecting and Transmitting Love, Balance and Harmony onto Gaia’s Kingdoms. This 10 10 Gateway brings forth a empowering Activation of quietening the Mind to LISTEN and ACCEPT your own LIGHT Consciousness within.

Value: $97

Your Price $88

Discount: 9% – YOU SAVE $9


Package A&B: Combine your Healing Activation with Package B

Value: $297

Your Price $263

Discount: 11% – YOU SAVE $34


Package C      

9:9 Gateway Whale Excursion of Mastery Teachings

Day 1:  Whale Activation. 30 mins.

Clearing the Aura Body through Breathing IN a New Vibration of Light of Crystallizing Essences of Vibratory Tones of LIGHT.  These new Frequencies of the Higher Whales waveforms are elevating your Inner Mind’s Eyes, Inner hearts as you Attune to the Light Particles to a higher Consciousness of their Crystal Light Fields dancing in your Auras.


Day 2: Master Teachings: 15mins

Masters teach you on how to clear your energy fields through aligning to your Masters. These Infinite Masters can only Connect through your Outer Aura Fields, when you are aligned in Stillness. This is how they communicate to your Light Crystals in the body.


Day 2: 12 Rings Activation of the Inner Chakra Body   25 mins.

Clearing all Consciousness into Stillness to activate 12 Elliptical Rings that align to 12 Solar Chakras of your Bodies to Breathe IN a new Higher Vibration of breathing in the Sonar Whale Breath into your hearts to become the Breath of LIGHT.

Day 3:Infusing Aura Fields evolve into Higher Consciousness of Light.   20 mins.

A higher Whale Consciousness arrives to connect to a POWER that empowers us and communicates to us.

9-9 Gateway:  Calling all to be awakened to be in a KNOWING of your Soul Frequency of a Love Light Freedom Consciousness.  1Hour.15 mins.

Whales are igniting the Inner Child Souls to be harmonized and Crystallized into a Crystal Light Soul and to bring in the ONENESS Consciousness as a Portal of Light opens on this 9-9 Gateway to connect to a Higher Consciousness through the Whales. 

VIDEO   Precious Footage Experiencing Whales on the Gulf of St. Lawrence Gaspe Bay


Value: $130

Your Price $117

Discount: 10% – YOU SAVE $34

Elizabeth Wood Headshot 1

Elizabeth Wood


Elizabeth has generously offered a number of separate items to the Mundane to Magical Community!

Item 1

Healing the Three Minds Ebook

Learn practical and simple ways to heal your trauma and pain! Learn to heal your mind from mental issues and programs. Learn to heal PTSD and anxiety. Get your heart back into a place where you can feel like you’re in charge again! Heal your gut for added access to more light and joy. The Mind, Heart and Gut are your command centers! 


Item 2

Horizons Album written by Elizabeth and produced by Bioluminescent

A beautiful meditation album woven with light and awareness made to help you heal and feel empowered!

Item 3

Galactic Forgiveness Meditation

A beautiful meditation for forgiveness, expansion and empowerment! With both music written by Elizabeth Wood and a guided meditation, this is a powerful tool that can be used and shared. 

There are also 2 BONUS FREE GIFTS when you subscribe to her mailing list:

Year Subscription to Elizabeth’s community monthly call! 

Elizabeth would love for you to join her for a monthly Zoom/YouTube streamed call each month where she checks in with her awakened community and talks about all things scientific and spiritual! 

~ plus ~

Bonus class on 3rd Eye Development –

Masterclass Originally taught at AWAKEN Academy!


Elizabeth Wood


Masterful Sovereign Creator Package

Package Includes:

    • The Universal Library Series – 3 Part Instant Access Training
      • In Part 1 – Soul Essences and Skill Sets
      • In Part 2 – Radiance of Your Soul Essence
      • In Part 3 – Mysticism and Dimensional Navigation
    • Cultivating Non-Judgement Self Study Retreat – 13+ Hours Instant Access
    • Cultivating Non-Judgement: The Art of Psychic Lenses Interactive Ebook + PDF
    • Lifestyle of Light Interactive Ebook – 3 Vital Tools for Full Body Enlightenment

Value: $700

Your Price: $197

Discount: 72% – YOU SAVE $503

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Karen Parker


Karen is generously offering a FREE Download of your personal Human Design chart to enable you to get back in touch with your unique energetic blueprint – so you can do what you came here to do, and be who you came here to be. 

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Charlotte Banff


Animals feel it too!

Charlotte is generously offering a FREE meditation and course material to enable you to assist you animal friends during these challenging times.

Everything that goes on in the world at the moment, with the fear and anxiety related to the Corona virus, our Animals Friends perceive the energy of all that goes on in their environment and this has an effect on their Energy System & their Energy Body.

They feel it too!!


Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course PLUS 45 Minute Private Session with Charlotte


During the Foundation Course you will learn how to Heal & Communicate with The Animals

Your training material will cover in-depth training around all the important aspects of the teachings in becoming an Animalhealer & Animal Communicator

The course consists of 12 Modules:

  • Healing in Theory
  • Introduction to Healing Animals
  • The Structure of The Energy Body
  • The Interconnectedness of Animals & Humans
    • Spiritual Development
      • A Study in Spirituality & Your Own Inner Work
      • The Group Soul & The Oversoul Varieties
      • Soul Animals & Karma Animals
    • Energy Work
      • Clairs & Your Sensory System
      • Initiation of The Healing Session
      • Healing Methods
    • Animalhealers Toolbox
      • Working with Your Guide Team
      • Animal Communication
      • Healing Technique


Value: $369

Your Price: $299

Discount: 39% – YOU SAVE $125

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“Infinite Self” Guided Activation ($20)
Tune into the infinite field and your infinite potential and higher self and have a sensory experience awakening you to your Soul purpose, potential and guidance. 50 Minute Audio Download with sound healing music 


Do you feel you are meant for ‘Something Bigger”? You are!

Your Soul has called to you and this moment is the perfect time to go deeper into your Soul’s purpose and increase your ability to communicate with your higher self and access your blueprint for this life. These multimedia tools are designed for you to repeat as often as desired and have a new and deeper journey each time.

This special bundle includes:

    • 1 course (audio + video)
    • 2 BlissLife Meditations (audio)
    • 2 Spirit Guide Shamanic Journeys (audio)
    • 3 Soul Purpose Breakthrough Declarations PDF’s
    • One $30 OFF Gift Certificate for a Private Soul Session with Akasha.

Total Value of this bundle $212.

All downloadable for instant access and lifetime use. 

1 – Master Your Emotions in Any Situation Course ($88)
Learn powerful ways to sift your mood and old beliefs that drag you down. Learn how to test what State (mood or state of consciousness) you are in on the Scale of Vibrational Consciousness and how to shift your mood on demand. You can rise out of guilt, fear or depression into a power state and learn to rise above any situation into willingness, harmony, peace. Powerful and vital for mastering manifestation, and living your purpose in a positive and empowered way despite what is going on around you in the world!

The course includes: 4 Video Trainings & guided processes, 2 Audios, 3 PDF’s 


2 – “Whispers from My Soul” Soul Purpose Alignment Meditation ($15)
A Guided Meditation to connect with your heart and soul and receive guidance. Accompanied by your higher self you will peacefully tune in to your mission and discover what is your best next step, or what is blocking your bigger Purpose from coming through and what is blooming in you now and how to nurture it! Includes healing music. Repeat as often as desired. Be sure to be in a quiet and comfy place and use headphones.

(A 30-minute audio meditation with additional healing music until 41 minutes)


3 – ‘Access to Abundance” A Soul Blueprint Meditation to your Stellar Gateway Chakra ($15)
Take an inner journey to Access the Field of Abundance from your secret inner passageway! Connect with your higher self and raise your consciousness to enter your 9th Chakra “Stellar Gateway” where you can connect to your Soul Blueprint and the Infinite field. Reclaim Karmic Skills and talents and uncover the hidden blocks and messages your Soul has left for you to find your way. Repeat as often as you feel called to practice accessing the infinite abundance and live in abundance.
Repeat as often as desired. Be sure to be in a quiet and comfy place and use headphones.

(A 30-minute audio meditation with additional healing music until 41 minutes)


4 – Spirit Guide Meditation: A Metamorphosis Shamanic Journey with Butterfly: Journey of metamorphosis and coming out, spreading your new wings! Guided audio and sound healing music by Akasha

(60 minutes + additional 30 minutes of music) ($22)


5 – Spirit Guide Meditation: Metamorphosis Shamanic Audio Journey with Jaguar: Journey to reclaim Seeing in the “Dark”, thru shadow & fear. Guided audio and sound healing

(60 minutes + additional 30 minutes of music) ($22)


6 – Soul Purpose Alignment Mind & Belief Rewiring:  “I am Ready & Willing to Embrace my Soul Purpose” Belief Transformation Audio

(15 minutes) ($10)


7 – Soul Purpose Breakthrough Declarations – 3 Printable Full-Color PDF’s

(“I am Meant for Something Bigger” & other empowering declarations) ($10)


8 – One $30 OFF Gift Certificate for a Private Soul Session with Akasha 

(good towards any private session or package of $100 value and up for 6 months from purchase).

Value: $212

Special Offer October 2020 only: $60

Discount: 72% – YOU SAVE $152

Copy of Copy of Untitled-4



Calista is generously offering a FREE GIFT of this beautiful meditation ~ Sacred Aura Breath™ Meditation.

In this meditation, you will be taken on a whole being rejuvenation journey as shared from Archangel Raphael and Archeia Virtue.

To access this meditation please click on the link below and applying the discount code: RiseandShine at the checkout.

Copy of Untitled-2 copy

Carol Nayach


Carol is generously offering a FREE GIFT of this beautiful Guided Journey with the Arcturians.

In this activation, the Arcturians invite you to connect your subtle bodies to their higher frequency, raising your light quotient and expanding your consciousness. This is facilitated through journeying within, into the inner realms and connecting with the higher consciousness of the Arcturians through the portal of the Arcturian Crystal Temple.


Cayelin Castell


Cayelin is generously offering a collection of FREE GIFTS including:

    • a PDF document describing how each of the Seasonal Signs express their sovereignty.
    • a 27 minute Audio Initiatory Journey through the Story of Inanna as it relates to the Venus Cycle
    • a 10 page overview including a table to find your Venus Meta Goddess and when your next 19 month Venus Return Cycle Begins.

You will also be added to her FREE monthly Celestial Timings newsletter featuring and highlighting the most important Celestial Events for each month.

Copy of Copy of Untitled-11

Nicolas David Ngan


Nicolas has generously offered a copy of your own personal soul contract chart, which can be generated at if you have an all English name.

Find out what it means with his Amazon #1 Bestselling Book at

For a more in-depth  personalised reading go to:


If you have a non-English name e.g. French, Spanish, German etc, just send your:

    • full birth certificate name
    • date of birth
    • mobile/cell number (for checking pronunciation)
    • link generated by recording your name (spoken at normal speed, then 3x more slowly at the same speed) using

to by 19 October 2020. After this date, we cannot guarantee you will receive your chart in time  for the event.

Nicolas David Ngan

Special Offer

PRIZE DRAW:  For those who attend the LIVE call with Nicolas, one lucky participant will receive a full Soul Contract Birth Chart Reading from Nicolas David Ngan worth £178 (US$225)

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judy offer-2

Judy Cali


1:1 Session with Judy Plus A Powerful Sacred Prayer

Package Includes:

    • 1-1.5hr Private 1:1 Session with Judy
    • A Powerful Sacred Prayer

Value: $390

Your Price: $197

Discount: 49% – YOU SAVE $193


Louise Matson


I am guided to share 3 light encoded activations to assist in traversing these challenging and enlightening, transformational times.

Activation 1 ~ Raising Your Vibration to Achieve Clarity & Focus

A light encoded guided vsualisation taking you on a journey to raise your vibration and gain clarity, focus and a loving detached view on the events of your life.

Activation 2 ~ Open & Activate The Three Fold Flame In Your Heart Centre

A light encoded guided visualisation to open and activate the three fold flame of Divine Will, Divine Wisdom and Divine Love within your heart centre and connecting you to the energy of Divine Truth. Reconnecting you with your truth and your power.

Activation 3 ~ Releasing Negative Energy Using The Violet Flame

A guided visualisation to release negative energy within your energetic body using the Violet Flame.

my special offer

Louise Matson



Package A

60 Min 1:1 Healing & Guidance Session PLUS Complete Season 4 Interviews

    • Downloadable Recording of 1:1 Session
    • Downloadable Video & Audio Formats of Every Season 4 Interview 

Value: $211

Your Price: $127

Discount: 60% – YOU SAVE $84

Package B

60 Min 1:1 Healing & Guidance Session PLUS 90 Min Soul Contract Reading Session

    • Downloadable Recording of 60 Min 1:1 Session
    • Downloadable Recording of 90 Min Soul Contract Feedback Session plus pdf files of Soul Contract Chart and how to unlock your gifts and talents. 

Value: $349

Your Price: $222

Discount: 36% – YOU SAVE $127