Judy Cali Special Offer

Judy Cali Special Offer
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Judy Cali

Judy Cali has been doing Intuitive Healing work with The Ascended Masters, Archangels & Angels since 3 yrs. of age, now over 71 years.  She was asked by Hilarion, the Ascended Master of Healing of The Emerald Ray & Archangel Gabriel, Archangel of your Clarion Call, to go public with her gifts over 20 years ago.  Honoring their request, her Clarion Call, working with people all over the World has been a JOY! 
Intuitively, thru her Sacred Heart & I AM Presence, she receives a whole picture of you by seeing, hearing, feeling & knowing about your Soul. Her readings bring forth what is most important for you to know at this time in your life thru aligning with your Sacred Heart & I AM Presence. Your Guardian Angels, Guides, Family in Spirit & other lives details, most relevant to this life, is what may come forth.
Judy is a Crystal Reiki Master, Spiritual Minister, World Teacher, Life Coach, Workshop Leader & Guest Speaker. In 2005 she channeled Mikos, Head Librarian of The Library of Porthologos, of Inner Earth, for The Wesak Festival in New York City.  Also in 2005, she was hired by NBC, as a Psychic, for a documentary on Atlantis and The Bermuda Triangle with David Childress, still shown sometimes on The Sci Fi Channel.
Connect with Judy and her work at:
Website is www.judycali.com




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A session begins with a prayer to call in your Angels, Guides, Family & Friends in Spirit or Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Buddha, Maitreya, St. Germain, Afra Babaji, Chief Joseph, Yogananda, Archangel Micheal, Star Brothers & Sisters, Krishna, Golden Rainbow Dolphins or your Totem Animals, all of your “I AM PRESENCE”.

As I share PERSONAL MESSAGES FOR YOU, healing begins in your heart.  By feeling how cherished & loved you are, old energy patterns & blocks are cleared.  Your session will help you understand your Life’s Purpose, the Sacred Journey you are creating & Remember Who You Are.  Divine Source is the Healer & I am an instrument of love & light.  I a Divinely guided to know the information to share & which Healing Methods are best for you.  Your session is Sacred & Blessed in Grace.  All is aligned with your “I AM PRESENCE” & honours your Highest Good.


My special offer includes a personal session with me which averages 1 to 1 ½ hours depending on the needs of the client and the instructions I receive from their own I AM Presence.



A POWERFUL SACRED PRAYER created by Judy specifically for this community and special topic will be recorded and included in this package.


“Judy Cali is my human angel. I debated signing up for a session due to a six month wait time (yes, she is that popular!). They say everything happens at the right time and in perfect divine order, so I put the session in my calendar and forgot about it until that life-changing day. Judy has the gift of making you feel safe and understood. She magically taps into your soul’s truth. For the first time, I was able to disclose that I was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. I was extremely unhappy and felt trapped. I couldn’t leave the marriage because we owned a business together. In a matter of a 60-minute telephone session, my life changed. I initially resisted her urge to leave the marriage. I had every excuse why it was not possible. Judy countered every excuse with a good reason why I MUST leave. For a split second, it scared me more to think about staying. My denial suddenly had a crack. I knew deep down my life was at risk and it truly scared me. Judy’s gift shifted into high gear. She gave me step by step instructions and calmly made sure I knew exactly what to do as soon as we hung up the telephone. The moment we hung up, I felt this incredible energy surge rush through my entire body, propelling me forward. It was such a powerful energy that it didn’t allow me time (or fear) to question what I was about to do.

Today, four months later, I am safe. I manifested a beautiful oceanfront home rental right on the beach, which has allowed me to recuperate from my PTSD. I bask daily in the incredible beauty of the ocean while taking daily walks on the soft sand with the dolphins! They are teaching me how to live each moment in joy and playfulness.

Judy’s sessions are not for the weak; but that should not stop you from receiving your miracle. I’ve since learned that I am stronger and more powerful than I ever imagined!

I look forward to finding and using my spiritual gifts to help others, the same way Judy has helped me. I am forever grateful for my human angel and I know after one session with Judy, you will too.”  ~ Julie

“I discovered Judy Cali on a Tele-summit a few years ago. There was an immediate resonance with her Divine connections and teachings as well as her kind loving nature.

Judy presented such Master Level teaching and healings to each person she connected with individually, as well as the entire audience on the call. I was so inspired by the experience that I booked a private session with her.

During my private session with Judy Cali she shared such expanded information that went far beyond what I could conceive at that time on my own. Judy will share insights on a level only known to a very few Master Teachers on earth at this time through pure love, kindness, highest consciousness, knowledge and wisdom.

She empowers you to look within to find the answers while sharing with you the tools and skill set to achieve your own greatest expansion.

Judy will work directly with your own soul’s unique journey with such mastery, spot on intel, with clarity and comprehension that supports your True Self.

Judy has the ability to connect with Pure Source consciousness with unconditional love.

If you’re seeking a new palpable expression of your Highest Self and next level of embodiment, I highly recommend a session with Ascended Master Teacher Judy.

With much love,
ESPAVO” ~ Evvy

“So, most likely because you are reading this testimony you are considering scheduling a session with Judy. I, like you, read reviews prior to any purchase, especially such a personal one as this! So, with that, I will share my experience: First, let me say that the call was very harmonic; the energy flowed back and forth with ease. I never got the sense that she was looking at her clock and rushing through my session. In fact, and I hope she doesn’t mind my disclosing this, it went a bit over! Also, it felt almost like I was talking to my girlfriend or sister; there were no awkward pauses or talking over one another. Second, she said things that Spirit gave to her that no one on this earth would know about me! For example, the day she and I scheduled over the phone, she had mentioned that one of my guides said she had a broom and would follow me to assist me in clearing up old energy. Well that morning, I had spilled a large bag of birdseed in my basement and I didn’t have a broom!!! One of the most significant things was that she was given an image of a red dress with white polka dots. Well, when I realized what that truly meant, I couldn’t really even speak. It was the only dress given to me by my father who had left when I was two; a red dress with white polka-dots! Also, you know when someone is telling the truth, right? You can feel it. Well she spoke MY truth. So much so, that I was dumbfounded! She knew it all!!!! And she was able to reach me so that I knew it too; if that makes sense? Afterwards, I experienced so much joy and utmost happiness that nothing could lower my vibration!

What I realized as I processed what took place, was that in assisting me to raise my vibration, I in turn was able to perceive my world through my Divine eyes! That opened up an array of wonderful opportunities for me that I hadn’t realized possible! (We actually got more of a tax refund because I had the creative inspiration to research another a deduction that we had never thought of)! I know I am going on and on, but truly I feel empowered and confident! My journey has now taken another turn! So, Judy, if we could all capture your essence, and bottle it up, the ingredients would read something like: Contains, Pure Love, Joy, Wonderment, Empowerment, Hope, Harmony, Cosmic Sparkles, and so much more!” ~ Marie J.

“Judy’s kindness & generosity are beyond measure, & my gratitude is boundless!!!

During the I AM Presence Technique during our Session, and since, invited a number of people up onto the bridge with Quan Yin. Some of which have been asked back again!!! The I AM Presence Technique, was one of the most helpful of all of Judy’s Gifts, it really gets to the Core of Stuff, and finally dissolves all that is being worked on. Such Freedom is then felt. After making recordings of the 3 Prayers, Judy sent me, am now playing them 24/. Saying them out loud 2x each day. This has been the basis for many
quantum shifts in the work areas suggested in our Session.

The information Judy gave me during our Session was so very helpful. Exactly what was needed to take the next steps in Life. Over the past few weeks, have been very much in touch with 3 of my inner children, especially the angry one. They are now all smiling and very happy, playing ring around the roses around me!!! Feels like yet another quantum shift took place.

Since our Session, as Judy suggested, have been looking after myself in a nurturing way, and am able to witness when I get really stuck into something. Now am taking a break, and maybe not even going back to it until the next day. Also taking time to Blow Bubbles, blowing Sparkles into the Bubbles too, so pretty!!! Playing in all sorts of different ways which is such a pleasure & so much fun.

Since our Session it’s good to see that a number of things which would normally have brought up anger for me not too long ago, have me really laughing now. Even got some laughter Mp3’s which always get me going!!!

Ever since our Session, I have been seeing rainbows of some kind almost every day. Yesterday was the icing on the cake, joined a queue at the Post Office where the lady ahead of me had the whole of her hair in Rainbow Streaks. I remarked to her what fun that was!!! She really liked that.

Frequently seeing Rainbows appear where I live, mainly double ones.

Judy Sweetie, in deep Gratitude for our Session & all of the many wonderful outcomes since.

With Huge Hugs
Much Love & Many Blessings” ~ *Jewel*

“Judy Cali is a joyful & wise woman.

I first heard Judy on an online program where she giggled all the way through her talk, explaining that joy is the ingredient that brings home things of spirit. All because of that joy, I just had to talk with this woman.

I was not disappointed. Her counseling/teaching cleared issues from years past & left me with a pattern which I use when the need arises. She offered abundant knowledge & wisdom, delivered with joy & love.

A magical thing happened that I will never forget & I recorded it in my dream journal as follows:

‘Judy Cali’ said, ‘I shouldn’t have come.’
Then she was sitting at my computer … then we were sitting together at the computer.
I then noticed that she had cleaned & painted my little apartment patio & left two pots of newly planted Angel Wing Begonias.

After I awoke the next morning, I had to check my patio to see if the plants were there.

I kept feeling that it was not a dream at all, it was so real.

Obviously, the interpretation is that Judy led me in cleaning/clearing out my old stuff, making me new & refreshed.

Thank you, Judy.

I looked up the spiritual significance of colorful flowers & they signified kindness, compassion, gentleness, beauty, etc … & are also symbolic of perfection & spirituality.

Flowers, in a dream, may be an expression of love, joy & happiness. To me, these words describe Judy Cali.

Flowers also represent hidden potential & latent talents & Judy, clearly explained, the hidden parts of me.

Bless you, Judy Cali & always with love.” ~ Judy H

“Judy Cali came into my life through events of fate & destiny which I choose to call Serendipity.

A few months ago, I began to start having very lucid dreams of Mt. Shasta. I did not know the meaning of why I kept dreaming of being pulled to this mountain but I knew I was being called or being given a message. I was not in a good place in my life when the dreams began to occur. I was sad, lonely, feeling worthless, broke & hopeless. I was feeling very insignificant & I began praying, basically asking God to please bring me HOME if He was ready for me because I was one tired, worn-out Lightworker in this lifetime.

One night I decided to research Mt. Shasta on You Tube, to try to put the pieces of this puzzle together of why I kept dreaming of her & why I felt so called to this mountain. There was a radio interview about Mt. Shasta in which Judy Cali was a guest. As I listened to her, every word she spoke began to resonate with my soul & what she spoke about Mt. Shasta began to feel very familiar to me, even though I had never been to there & knew nothing about it. She was speaking of things at Mt. Shasta that had occurred in my past dreams. I had chills all over my body as I listened to her interview. At that moment I knew I had to find her.

The first thing I did the next morning was to begin to search for her. It wasn’t hard. I found her instantly by entering her name into a Facebook search & there she was. I immediately wrote to her & within hours we were communicating. I knew she was part of my life puzzle the moment we connected.

She spoke of things no one could know about me & connections I have had in this lifetime, as well as other lifetimes that I only knew through my reoccurring dreams. I felt immediate peace & comfort in finding her & we set up a time to communicate by phone. My whole life changed after that night of our consultation & my life became a series of beautiful Universal Synchronicities. I left the place I was living in misery & began a brand new life. It was as if after our meeting I finally had the courage to be happy.

I have since been led to my Twin Flame who I have been searching for all my life. Judy helped me to clear away the wall of things that had been blocking me from so many desires in my life. The miracles & the synchronicities have not stopped since she came into my life. My dreams are more lucid than they have ever been & my messages are so clear now from those dreams. It’s as if ever since my path crossed with Judy the pieces of my puzzle have been coming together rapidly.

My life is now felt with joy through the eyes of wonder & the knowing that anything is possible. I am feeling my purpose as a Lightworker again & I’m back on the front lines. I will forever be grateful for so many reasons & in so many ways to the Universe for allowing our paths to meet at that crossroad.

Judy Cali is truly a Sister of my Soul & I love her so much.” ~ Robyn

“There is nothing like the experience of Judy Cali!

She is one of the Greats & I believe she is here to bring Divine Love & Light to our world.

Each & every time I hear Judy share her messages & her wisdom I am instantly expanded into new possibilities & realities that inspire real change & growth in my life. She is magnificent, awe-inspiring, unfathomably gracious & a beloved master!

I recently felt compelled to contact Judy for a private session & I am so grateful that I did.

My session was life changing & profoundly transformational.

In my session, Judy saw many of my past life experiences that were very applicable & intertwined with my current life experience, each one filled with endless, loving insight.

Judy also brought forth wisdom & information to me directly from the Ascended Masters.

This was the part that was so profoundly transformative.

Our session completed, shifted me out of a place of stress & anxiety over my life purpose into a place of absolute peace, joy & clarity about my reason for being here. Priceless!

I have never known anyone who is so deeply rooted in his or her Sacred Heart in every moment.

The only way I can describe an experience of Judy is to say it feels like Home. She is a sacred gift in my life.

I am blessed & grateful to have the opportunity to work with her & to call her my dear friend. I love you, Judy.

With love & appreciation for ALL that you are” ~ Sara Landon

“When I met Judy, I was in debilitating pain, was bed ridden, had given up hope & was about to cross over. She GRACIOUSLY offered her services to me & traveled to my home to care for me. But most of all she brought me hope & love. Her channeling & guidance was so accurate that I finally had a road map that helped me navigate thru fear, pain, old energy patterns & obstacles in my life. Her unwavering encouragement, spiritual insight & clarity of thought gave me hope of recovering from the devastating experiences I had./ She is a powerful & dedicated healer. She is a clear conduit for the Ascended masters & Angelic Realm, who work thru her & administer healing thru her. She has great understanding of life’s issues & helped me clear trauma & abuse and remove their memory from my cells so that my body could activate & resume it’s natural healing & intuitive/psychic abilities. Her healing abilities helped me transform my life. Just knowing she is always available to assist me has such a calming effect & gives me the strength & hope to continue on with my life. She is a very gifted psychic, healer & counselor who helped me gain spiritual insight & assisted me in my spiritual growth. She will definitely lead you to an accelerated consciousness PATH GIVING YOU clarity of your soul purpose, communication with your personal guides & a deeper connection with the Divine. She’s AN Angel, a sister & a friend who literally saved my life.” ~ Dianne Robbins