Meet Louise Matson

So, a little bit about me.  I was born knowing who we are as spiritual beings and my soul path took me on a journey of denying my truth to fully experience what it is like to disempower myself and allow others to disempower me.  I now know that my soul purpose is to help people understand who they truly are as Sovereign Creator Beings and realign to their life purpose and true potential.  To guide and assist people along their path from dis-empowerment to standing in their sovereignty and radiating their light openly to the world.

I am an intuitive conscious channel, conduit for energy healing, wayshower and spiritual mentor and guide.  My work has lead me from soley doing 1:1 sessions assisting clients on their journeys of empowerment and spiritual growth to being divinely guided to create and host the Mundane to Magical Online Series assisting people all over the world to come together as a high vibrational community supporting each others ascension process.

About the Mundane to Magical Online Summit Series

The Mundane to Magical Series, created and hosted by Louise Matson, offers a mixture of FREE Live interactive webinar broadcasts and Pre-recorded interviews featuring leaders and experts in the fields of spirituality, magic and ascension from all over the world.

The summit series was divinely inspired to create a safe place and bring people together to  explore, understand and discuss topics around spiritual development, ascension, soul embodiment and living in alignment with your soul calling.  A space for people to learn how to reconnect with the magic that is all around us.

The summit broadcasts are a mixture of FREE LIVE interactive webinars and pre-recorded interviews, that feature today’s most relevant, cutting-edge experts in the fields of spiritual growth, ascension, DNA activation, soul embodiment and living the life your soul came here to live!  Each season is divinely guided to bring the perfect light-encoded conversations and activations to the audience to assist you on your journey to standing in your Sovereignty as a Creator Being and to enable you to Be ALL That You Are!

Join the community and shift your life from Mundane to Magical!

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