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Louise Matson


Activate Your Freedom Codes

A channelled activation to reconnect you beyond the artificial holographic source field to the pure source field so that your soul signatures can feel ready to fully release themselves from any and all contracts consciously or unconsciously made, at any level, any timeline, any reality that is holding you back, from being free to be the ALL that you are.

Channeled healing and activation to enable you to clear your heart field of all that is blocking. you from connecting into your divine light, divine truth and the magic within you. Discover your multi-dimensional self and unlock your the gifts, strengths and magic held within each of your many layers.

Channelled by Louise Matson for M2M11



Package A

A 60 Minute Personal Healing & Guidance Session via Zoom targeting the root cause of any blocks and/or feelings of ‘stuck-ness’ to enable you to shift up to your next highest level and shine the light of your heart brightly.

After the session you will receive an audio recording of the session to refer back to at any time.


Value: $140

Your Price $111

Discount: 21% – YOU SAVE $29


Package B

A 2 Part LIVE webinar series to connect you to your heart field and the divine light within.  

  • In these times of darkness learn the importance of being your own lighthouse
  • Learn the energetic structure of your magnetic heart field
  • Connect into the seat of your soul within your body
  • Clear and release the blocks that are dimming your light from shining brightly


Each Webinar will include:

  • Channelled Information
  • Channelled Healing Activations
  • Opportunities to Ask Questions & Give Feedback 

Value: $380

Your Price $200

Discount: 47% – YOU SAVE $180


Nora WalksInSpirit


Shape Shifting Into Oneness

A 1 hour Audio Recording enabling you to shift into Oneness

Channelled Activation from Nora’s Live Call



Personal Infinite Master Session

40 Minute Personal Healing & Teaching Session via Skype

Your Session begins with the Heightened Vibrations of STILLNESS as the Light Languages delivered elevates your Consciousness, clearing your heart and mind.

A Scan, cleansing/clearing/purifying of your Aura Fields and all Chakras of the body.

A Teaching and understanding of any low Vibrations trapped in the cellular memory of the Body/Mind/Soul will be revealed then released.

Any questions, healings and gifts requested will then be delivered by the Infinite Masters beautiful Light Vibrations poured into the Activation then completely Sealed

Value: $200

Your Price $175

Discount: 13% – YOU SAVE $25

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Peter Tongue


Peter has generously provided a a meditation as his free gift for the Mundane to Magical Community.  

Shedding the Old to Welcome in the New!



Private 1:1 Gene Keys Spiritual Counselling Session

PACKAGE  includes:

    • Introductory Video to help you navigate your Golden Path (20mins)
    • 1hr Private 1:1 Session on Your Personal Gene Key Profile

Value: $140.00

Your Price $111.00

Discount: 21% – YOU SAVE $29.00


Leslie Shankman


As we are journeying through the year of the Dragons and Great Felines, Leslie is generously offering two videos explaining and describing the Great Feline Story and the Dragon history, influence, and healing path for these parts of ourselves.


Bella Alvaran


Bella is generously offering a FREE 1:1 Session to anyone who purchases the Mayan Time & Magic course.  This offer is time limited and will close on 3rd May 2024.


Susan Kennard


Awaken the Light Within Your Heart Video Course

This free video course will help you know how to Align to your Inner Guidance, Connect with your Inner Guide, and Learn to Love your Body More.