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Nan Akasha


Communicate with Your Past Lives Audio (Value $28.00)
Get this powerful guided process so you can communicate with the other parts of your soul! Find your fears, contracts, blocks and wisdom, expertise and powers. Profound healing happens when you start to act like the multidimensional being you are.
You are only one part of a magnificent soul. Your other lives hold power and fear. Much of your strength and focus is tied up in old energy blocks and knots that are in other/past lives.
“I purchased the Past Lives Meditation and wow!!
Each time is a new adventure, full of insights and healing.
I’ve seen my Self in forms that barely resemble humans today.
I also had my first visit from a mermaid! So powerful and so much fun. 
Thank you Nan.” EP


Enter Your Akashic Records for Answers Private 30min or 60min Session

PACKAGE A includes:

    • 30 Minute live, private, recorded, virtual reading with Nan. You come into sacred space and whatever is for your highest good and optimal at this time will come through.

Package A

Value: $125:00

Your Price $99.00

Discount: 21% – YOU SAVE $26.00


PACKAGE B includes:

    • 60 Minute live, private, recorded, virtual reading with Nan. You come into sacred space and whatever is for your highest good and optimal at this time will come through.

Package B

Value: $250:00

Your Price $199.00

Discount: 20% – YOU SAVE $51.00

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Peter Tongue


Peter has generously provided a a meditation as his free gift for the Mundane to Magical Community.  

Shedding the Old to Welcome in the New!

peter offer


Private 1:1 Gene Keys Spiritual Counselling Session

PACKAGE  includes:

    • Introductory Video to help you navigate your Golden Path (20mins)
    • 1hr Private 1:1 Session on Your Personal Gene Key Profile

Value: $140.00

Your Price $111.00

Discount: 21% – YOU SAVE $29.00


Wendy Rose Williams


Wendy is generously provided a FREE 15-minute phone appointment with her as her free gift for the Mundane to Magical Community.  

Wendy SpO


Private 1:1 Healing Session

PACKAGE  includes:

45 minute one-on-one session with Wendy via Zoom 

  • Journey to a Healing Temple (healing lights/ balance 4 major elements/ enhance all 7 major chakras)
  • Meet Spirit Guide to receive a gift and a message to uplift your life today

Value: $199.00

Your Price $149.00

Discount: 25% – YOU SAVE $50.00

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Catherine Rosenbaum


Private 1:1 Personal Designs Activation Session

PACKAGE  includes:

    • 1hr Private 1:1 Session To Activate Your Personal Designs NOW!

Value: $349.00

Your Price $149.00

Discount: 57% – YOU SAVE $200.00


Colby Wilk


New Tree Ceremony Mp3
This ceremony is for people who love life, but not their life.
Beware, it is not for people who want to hold onto suffering.  

Erica VanEaton


Erica is generously offering the Mundane to Magical Community a 60 minute prerecorded healing for your Inner Child as her free gift.  This video recording will:

  • Help your Inner Child remember your gifts and passions

  • Show Your Inner Child How it Was Programmed

  • Show Your Inner Child How to take their Power Back

  • See what Passions & Gifts Your Inner Child Locked Away


Erica is offering a 50% discount for the Mundane to Magical Community who choose to sign up for her monthly Quantum Transformation Portal.

Level I Membership Incudes

    • 45 minute 1:1 personal session with me each month to attune your magnetic field to what you would like to receive, intuitive guidance, or whatever else your Soul is asking to receive.

    • 2 Large Group Classes that include Q&A with space for you to share your gifts ~ these classes are held on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month @ 10am & 11am CT (these will be recorded & replay access will be available for the duration of your membership)

    • Access to all courses, activations, & meditations

    • Free Access to all New Courses during your Membership Period

Use Code: MTOM at the checkout to receive the 50% the first month


Yael Green


Yael is generously offering the Mundane to Magical community a guided journey as her FREE GIFT.  
Water Neutrality Guided Journey – an 18 minute guided journey with sacred water consciousness to attune to our neutral state of being.


Yael is offering a discount code for her WATER MEDICINE JOURNEYS 1hr Private Session
A Water Medicine Journey is an invitation into the sacred space and connection with the Consciousness of Water. The wisdom that you are looking for within is mirrored and reflected in the visions of the water. 
Through gentle, non-judgemental dialogue, and a direct yet subtle energetic attunement process adjustments will occur that will support the truest, most authentic expression of yourself to rise up and anchor into your present reality.

This is both an experience beyond the physical form, rearranging and dissolving current patterns and beliefs that are holding you away from your truth and sovereignty and one that embodies the soul to anchor in your potentials and reclaim parts of the self that had been previously disconnected from you current reality. 

Gaining a sense of peace, clarity and renewed purpose after each session that will continue to unfold as you settle deeper into who you were meant to be on this planet.

Value: $136
Your Price: $100
Discount: 25% You Save $36
Use Discount Code: MTM25