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Peter Tongue


Peter has generously provided a a meditation as his free gift for the Mundane to Magical Community.  

Shedding the Old to Welcome in the New!



Private 1:1 Gene Keys Spiritual Counselling Session

PACKAGE  includes:

    • Introductory Video to help you navigate your Golden Path (20mins)
    • 1hr Private 1:1 Session on Your Personal Gene Key Profile

Value: $140.00

Your Price $111.00

Discount: 21% – YOU SAVE $29.00


Nora WalksInSpirit


Shape Shifting Into Oneness

A 1 hour Audio Recording enabling you to shift into Oneness



Package A

Personal Infinite Master Session

60 Minute Personal Healing & Teaching Session via Skype

Your Session begins with the Heightened Vibrations of STILLNESS as the Light Languages delivered elevates your Consciousness, clearing your heart and mind.

A Scan, cleansing/clearing/purifying of your Aura Fields and all Chakras of the body.

A Teaching and understanding of any low Vibrations trapped in the cellular memory of the Body/Mind/Soul will be revealed then released.

Any questions, healings and gifts requested will then be delivered by the Infinite Masters beautiful Light Vibrations poured into the Activation then completely Sealed

Your Price $200


Package B

4 Accelerating Audio Activations
    • Spring Equinox 2023 Audio Recording 1 hour: 

Birthing a New Reality Consciousness of ONENESS through transmissions of Wheels within Wheels of Light as we awaken within to a New Reality.       

    • Fall Equinox 2023   Audio Recording 1 hour:

On this Equinox of Light the Planetary Consciousness is receiving Infinities of Light vibrations and on this day/night KEYS of Light shall pour through onto all hearts and minds who are Listening to the Stillness of No Space, No Time, No Interruptions of the mind 

    • Summer Solstice June 21st Audio Recording 54 mins:

Infinite Masters aligning all Kingdoms, Elements into Oneness Consciousness as we build the Reality of Love Light into all. Building Telepathic Abilities and Integrations of Reality of Oneness to all Dimensions, as we breathe in the Essence of the Whales, Dolphins and Glaciers in Alaska

    • INFINITE 8:8 GATEWAY Audio Recording 1 hour:

This 8:8 Gateway for an empowering Infinite Master Activation of a Infinite Vesica Peces Passage to align your hearts and minds to the Sphinx or Lions Gate frequencies of Sacred Formats to guide, assist and activate your Chakra Systems and Meridians into a Balanced vibrational state of Oneness


Value: $88

Your Price $77

Discount: 13% – YOU SAVE $10


Raven Many Voices


Have you seen a ghost? How to connect with Spirit

A short video to share more information regarding ghost/ spirit sightings and how they are not always evil.


Journey to Meet A Shadow Spirit Guide and Receive Insights Into Your Fears

Audio Recording Taken From the M2M10 Live Call


Maria Fels


1-1.5hr Karmic Astrology Reading ~ How the Lunar Nodal Analysis Serves Your Soul Path (via Zoom)

How the Lunar Node Analysis serves your soul’s path:

    • You will get a deep insight into what your soul decided to work on in this life and learn how to develop the topics of this life-time
    • You will understand the function of the North Node and how to integrate it in your daily life
    • You will be provided with tools to master your imbalances to become the best version of yourself

Valued at $328

Your Price $198

Discount: 40% – YOU SAVE $130


Jeanne Sullivan Billeci


Discover Your Biggest Love Block Quiz

In this free ‘Discover Your Biggest Love Block Quiz’, you’ll find out what resistance is most in the way of your receiving a soul mate relationship that supports and elevates you, and learn how to start shifting it!


Louise Matson


Activate Your Freedom Codes

A channelled activation to reconnect you beyond the artificial holographic source field to the pure source field so that your soul signatures can feel ready to fully release themselves from any and all contracts consciously or unconsciously made, at any level, any timeline, any reality that is holding you back, from being free to be the ALL that you are.




Package A

A 60 Minute Personal Healing & Guidance Session via Zoom targeting any Monadic Soul Contracts that are the root cause of your feelings of ‘stuck-ness’ to enable you to shift up to your next highest level.

After the session you will receive an audio recording of the session to refer back to at any time.


Value: $140

Your Price $111

Discount: 21% – YOU SAVE $29


Package B

A 3 Part LIVE webinar series to investigate and release the core Monadic Soul Contracts blocking you from Standing in Your Power and fulfilling your Soul Mission and Purpose in this lifetime.

    • Learn what Monadic Soul Contracts Are
    • How Monadic Soul Contracts Were Created
    • The Impact they are having on your ability to move forward
    • Investigate and release the core Monadic Soul Contracts Blocking you from Standing In Your Power and Living Your Soulful Life

Each Webinar will include:

    • Channelled Information
    • Channelled Healing Activations
    • Opportunities to Ask Questions & Give Feedback 

Value: $560

Your Price $200

Discount: 64% – YOU SAVE $360