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Pam Oslie


Pam has generously offered this Guided Imagery Meditation ~ ABUNDANCE as her FREE gift.


This relaxing guided imagery focuses on shifting your thoughts and beliefs around abundance. It is intended to improve your relationship with money and prosperity, and help you accept wealth without guilt and struggle. This program uses uplifting and unique images to help you move beyond any limited images you may currently hold, replacing old programmed subconscious images that may be blocking your ability to create abundance in your life with new supportive beliefs and inner pictures.


Louise Matson

Special Offer

I have decided to offer a special offer of my own for the Mundane to Magical Community.  The package includes a Personal Healing & Guidance Session with Me Plus The Entire Collection of Season Three of the Mundane to Magical Online Summit Series!

Click on the link to my Special Offer Page for more details 

Value: $182.00

Your Price $127.00

Discount: 30% – YOU SAVE $55.00


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Elizabeth Wood


Healing the Three Minds Ebook

Learn practical and simple ways to heal your trauma and pain! Learn to heal your mind from mental issues and programs. Learn to heal PTSD and anxiety. Get your heart back into a place where you can feel like you’re in charge again! Heal your gut for added access to more light and joy. The Mind, Heart and Gut are your command centers! 

​Horizons Album written by Elizabeth and produced by Bioluminescent

A beautiful meditation album woven with light and awareness made to help you heal and feel empowered!

Elizabeth Wood


2 Quantum AND Multi-dimensional Courses PLUS A Years Access to ‘The Circle’!

Package includes:
Quantum and Galactic Anthropology: Creating Real Change – 3 hour Class – Instant Access
Multi-dimensional Mastery Course – 4 Classes – Instant Access – Audios 2-3hrs Each
The Playground of Time
Equations for Enlightenment
Soul Skills Sets 101 + BONUS Class
Full Body Discernment
One Year Subscription to Monthly Community Calls
Value $330
Your Price $97
Discount: 71% YOU SAVE $233

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Calista is generously offering a FREE GIFT of this beautiful Guided Attunement ‘Keep Your Light Bright’ with Archeia Purity.


Cayelin Castell


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Judy Cali


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Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire