December is upon us and as you are probably aware, people are gearing up for Xmas!

The shops are full of shiny gifts and indulgent foods/drink to tempt us and the adverts are all highlighting the joy and love that is associated with this time of year.

But is that really the case for everyone?

How is your Xmas spirit?

Is your heart full, open and ready to give and receive unconditionally with equal measure?

Or are you struggling with the idea of providing the Xmas experience people expect be that financially or socially?

Are you tearing your hair out or working all hours just to pay for it all, or left feeling ‘less than’ because you know you can’t?  Is the idea of spending time ‘being happy’ and the strain of having a ‘perfect’ Xmas and ‘making everyone else happy’ keeping you awake at nights?

This time of year can be extremely hard on sensitive souls and empaths, it is a time where we are most vulnerable to giving too much of ourselves to please others.

Having an awareness of your truth and the truth of who you are as a multi-dimensional spiritual being is important at any time of year but even more so around this time.  When we understand that we are so much more than our physical bodies and the roles we play in our lives, we gain greater awareness of our energy fields, our energy levels, when we are in alignment with our natural flow and more importantly when we are draining ourselves or being drained by others.

The majority of people on this planet today have been ‘taught’ during childhood what to think and feel by the people in authority in their lives; parents, teachers, religious leaders , society etc.

None of us came into this world worrying, ‘Does my bum look big in this nappy?’ or thinking they’re a lifelong failure if they don’t manage to stand on the first attempt.

These are all concepts and beliefs that we learned.  But these beliefs become so ingrained in our DNA that they run in the background as automatic programming and most of us don’t take the time to ever review or question them.

Like most people, I had and to a certain extent still have the ‘people pleasing’ program running in my psyche.  This program kicks in massively around Xmas time for most people.  A lot of us feel the pressure to conform to the wants, needs, desires of other people or our perception of their wants and needs so that we can feel loved, a sense of belonging etc.

It is essential to our energetic health however that we become aware of OURtruth.  So that we can make conscious choices about what we think and take action in alignment to our truth rather than allowing the automatic learned programs to kick in making our lives a misery.

This year for me has been about reclaiming my truth, its been a hard journey but so worth it!  I now fully recognise and accept that my body cannot take wheat, dairy or sugar and that if I go against my truth with regards these foods I will physically suffer.  And that is only one of the truths that I have recognised and accepted that previously I ignored or denied.  There have been countless times where I have given in and eaten those foods just because I didn’t want to seem ‘awkward’ or ‘difficult’ when eating out with friends/ family or ‘because it’s Xmas and that’s what you do at Xmas!’.

How many other times do we, especially around Xmas go against what we KNOW is right for us to keep the peace or for an ‘easy’ life’.  Ultimately we need to ask ourselves, ‘Easy for who?’

Having an open unconditional heart is about allowing your truth to be just as important as anothers’.  Knowing and accepting your truth, giving love freely and allowing yourself to receive it in equal measure.  Unconditional Love starts with YOU!

You may have heard the term ‘energy vampires’ and although this sounds sinister they do exist.  Some people drain us of our energy just by being around them.  You may have experienced this with some of the people in your lives, friends, colleagues, clients etc.  Before spending time with them you feel fine but afterwards you feel utterly drained and yet they feel great often saying things like, ‘I love it when you come, you really perk me up!’.

Energy vampires are those people who look outside of themselves to be ‘made whole’ and often it is a totally unconscious act.  The energetic connections that naturally form between people can unwittingly be used to transfer vital life-force energy from one person to another.  An ‘energy vampire’ will see the light emanating from another person and consciously/ unconsciously ‘plug in’ to another’s energy field when they are lacking in energy leaving the other person feeling drained.

Every person, place, object or energy we encounter in our lives we connect with.  As most people are unaware of themselves as multi-dimensional energetic beings the connections and attachments they make are of a lower vibrating frequency and are never managed or maintained.  This just means that they are not generated or maintained with unconditional love.

For example.
Your relationship with the energy of money may be deemed positive only if you have a certain amount regularly flowing in or is dependant upon another person, job etc.  If the ‘conditions’ associated with your connection to the energy of money changes that then changes your relationship and whether you feel nourished or drained by money.

The same can be said for everything in our lives that we have connections to, as everything is energy.  When we place conditions on our relationships/ attachments to things our attachments / connections are lower vibrational and do not stem from Unconditional Love.

An unconditional relationship with the energy of money would not be dependant on anything and therefore wouldn’t change with fluctuating circumstances.

At this time of year in particular our attachments and connections to things are often triggered and tested.

If you find yourself feeling ‘drained’ by someone or something in your life a useful tool to use is cord cutting or transmuting the energetic attachment of the cord to a higher vibrational one.

Cord cutting can be done in a number of ways but the basic principle is:

  • Identify the unhealthy cord/ attachment
  • Set the intention to release yourself from this unhealthy cord/ attachment
  • Take committed action in alignment with your intention of disconnecting with the unhealthy cord e.g. visualising gathering the cords in one hand and cutting or calling upon Archangel Micheal to cut the unhealthy cords

Something to note is that you can never cut a healthy cord or attachment.

I recently received a tool that I personally prefer to use, which is transmuting the unhealthy cord/ attachment into a higher vibrational one.

The principle is similar to cutting unhealthy cords but rather than leaving it there we replace the cords/ attachments with unconditional love.

  • Visualise the energy form you wish to upgrade the cords/ attachments to
  • Identify the unhealthy cord/ attachment currently in situ
  • Set the intention to release yourself from this unhealthy cord/ attachment
  • Take committed action in alignment with your intention to disconnect from the unhealthy cord
  • Visualise the person, place, energy form in front of you
  • Establish a high vibrational connection between your highest aspect and the highest aspect of the energetic form

The video below is a guided visualisation taking you through the steps on how to release yourself from unhealthy cords/ attachments and replacing them with unconditional love.There may be part of you thinking, if I disconnect from my current energetic cords I will be doing others a dis-service, I won’t be ‘giving’ to them what they need.

I will leave you with this thought:
When you allow others to ‘feed’ off you, going against your truth to satisfy another’s needs, you not only harm yourself but you also do them a dis-service.

You perpetuate the disempowerment cycle.

Allowing others to continue to look outside of themselves for the love, happiness, energy they seek stops them from connecting to and standing in THEIR truth, THEIR power, THEIR sovereignty and their light.

Wishing you all a Joyful December.  Remember Unconditional Love starts with YOU!

Releasing & Replacing Negative Attachments with Unconditional Love

This visualisation is my gift to you this festive season and can be repeated for each individual energetic attachment you wish to transform, releasing any lower vibrational conditional attachments that have been made to higher vibrational attachments of pure Unconditional Love.

It is designed to transmute the energetic cords you have formed between your energy field and others, whether that be; people, places, objects, events or energies such as money.