✨✨We don’t walk this path alone – take the opportunities that you heart is providing!✨✨

Yes we are all individuated divine sparks of the all that is.  

Yes we are constantly connected to the collective consciousness and as such, yes we have access to all knowledge and wisdom.  

But we are not here to be all things at all times.  

We came here incarnated at this time with specific purpose, with specific soul intention to experience fully our individual journey.  Thus our highest aspect of self finds those humans with the skills and knowledge on both the multi-diimensional and physical realms that we require to assist us on our journey and brings them into our awareness.  The highest aspect of ourselves within them, as the divine individuated spark, our soul essence our connection to and aspect of the all that is is then able to assist us in ways not possible within our individual physical form.  

A recent example of this for me was, where I was drawn to receiving a massage from a particular person brought into my awareness by my higher self.  This particular masseur is not only trained in massage but Reiki and other energetic healing modalities and allows spirit to work through her whilst providing her massage service.  (I was unaware of this when I initially made the appointment with her)  The healing process I required at this particular moment on my journey required the physical movement of energy as well as etheric.  Therefore, I allowed the higher aspect of me within that other human being to be guided by the universe to work on my body in ways that I am physically unable to do.  

This can also be said for attending other energetic healing modalities, nutritional counselling or other mentoring services provided by others to which your higher self has guided you.  Those souls who have travelled a similar path to yours and have unlocked the key codes of wisdom that currently lay dormant within your field but are ready to open so that you can traverse further along  your path of soul embodiment, your path of sovereignty.

I have not travelled my path alone, not only have I accepted the assistance of those higher aspects of myself in etheric form such as the dragons, earth elementals, archangels and galactics etc but I have also accepted the assistance of many within the physical plane.

These can be the friend who offers comfort, compassion or advice, the family member who provides opportunities of learning through experience.  A counsellor or group program to guide you through, depression, addiction or other needs.  A teacher of healing modalities or mentor for spiritual and/ or business growth.  Whatever our highest aspect of self requires in each now moment to grow or expand along our individual path is brought before us, we need only the eyes to see it.  

Understanding that growth and expansion is not necessarily something that the egoic or small human aspect of self is comfortable with or desires means that sometimes we choose not to see the opportunities before us or choose not to engage with them.  

To discern what is your highest aspect of self’s calling and what is your egoic minds persuasion/response is to be open, to flow within, connect to your heart and feel.  How does this opportunity make you feel?




Is there a voice to the guidance?  Who’s voice is it?

Remember that our egoic identity is built upon what we know and have learned throughout our lifetimes and we often ‘hear’ the voice of people in authority within our lives that we ‘learned’ those beliefs from, our mother, father, grandparents, teacher, boss etc…

Our ego will always try to maintain the status quo, it dislikes change and mistrusts expansion as expansion means traversing the unknown.   

The egoic voice will often have a negative feel, a fear based/ lack mentality tone.  But it can be extremely persuasive and will use every trick in the book to keep you where you are.  To keep you safe.

Awareness of the different voices calling us to take action or not take action is essential in moving forward along our path.

Awareness of how your higher self guides you is key and the courage to listen and take action determines how far and how fast you will travel.  


In Love, Light & Service ?✨