We are all individuated divine sparks.

We are all unique expressions of Source.

We all receive inspiration through our divine lineage.

But most of us are completely unaware of the above.

Most people feel dis-connected to their truth, their worth, their divine spark within.

Most people feel their light is dimmed or have dimmed it.

Not feeling worthy of sharing their, thoughts, ideas or creations.

They look to the words of others to guide them forwards in life, unable to see the guidance and beauty within.

I received a message in meditation today which I feel is for everyone.

“Let your Juices flow, share your Juice with the world!”

So, what do I mean by your ‘Juices’?

Your Juices are the physical expressions or manifestations of the inspiration you receive.

Words, emotions or physical form creations.

Everyone is an individuated divine spark which means that we are all connected to source (whether we feel it or not!)

We all receive the same inspiration, but…

That inspiration flows through our individual energetic bodies.

Each coloured and shaped by all that has gone before us.

Therefore, we all ‘create’ something slightly different from the inspiration received.

We all perceive it and therefore express it in a slightly different way.

So, never compare yourself or your creations negatively to anyone else’s.

Each of us has a slightly different slant on the inspiration flowing to us all and everyone’s creations are relevant and equal in value.

There is no less than or more than.

There is just YOUR unique creation, YOUR individual truth.


Let your Juice flow!

And never be afraid to share it with the world.

Your particular interpretation will resonate with someone and they are out there waiting for it!

In Love, Light & Service ????