As We Move Into 2020 I have Channeled a Series of Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here are the recent messages from this series.


I received this message from Source yesterday as I was reviewing 2019 and looking ahead to 2020 and how I can shift onto my next highest timelines.

The message was really saying that the FREEDOM CODES are with us NOW and ready to be activated.

My personal intentions for the past few years have been to experience FREEDOM and JOY and these are the standards that I hold everything up against.

What I mean by this is that, I ask myself for every opportunity that arises “does this give me freedom and joy?”

If it doesn’t my intention is to let it go or not accept the opportunity.

There were as always so many layers to this simple message however and the fact that the FREEDOM codes are with us, within us already, is just one of them.

What does FREEDOM really mean to you?

Another message that keeps coming up with clients recently and therefore a message for myself and the collective is ‘You Are Ready! Are You Ready?’

We all have free will and this is around what we choose to create our reality from and how we create our reality.

We so readily say ‘I want to shift my life to my highest timeline’ but what does that mean to our physical reality?

Have we even truly contemplated that?

Do we have to? Does it matter?

We presume it means I want to be somewhere ‘better’ than where I currently am – but this in itself is a third dimensional understanding because duality only exists in the 3D.

There is no hierarchy in 5th Dimensional and above existence, no ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than…

I remember saying back in 2018 that all I wanted was FREEDOM and JOY only to realise what I was actually putting out into the Universe and freaking out slightly!

This internal ‘freak out’ then sent out the opposite negating intention that nullified my manifestation intention.

Was I ready to receive FREEDOM and JOY truly?



Because in truth I had NO IDEA what that really meant.

I had never experienced true FREEDOM or JOY and the one time that I could say I did feel JOY my personality self freaked out and I tried to convince me that I’d been drugged!

FREEDOM is absolute non-attachment to ANYTHING!

It meant being ok with losing EVERYTHING; my work, my money, my house, my relationships etc etc.. Everything that defined my personality self!

At the time NO I was not ready to do that.


My eternal soul self was and it is part of my soul mission of ascension/ decension and assisting others in their journeys. So, I had put it out there and the Universe provided opportunities to enable me to experience freedom and release dependencies.

So I guess there are a few messages that want to be shared with this ‘Source Speaks’

1) The FREEDOM CODES are ready to be activated – are you ready to activate them?

2) This is a time where we reflect on our past year and start putting out our desired manifestation intentions for the next to the Universe – are you clear on what you are asking for?

3) Your highest aspect/ eternal soul self IS ready! – are you (is your personality self and if not does it matter? Are you in for the ride anyway?

We are all on the threshold of some AMAZING times ahead. Some real ‘hold onto your hats!’ moments where anything and everything is possible.

Are you ready to step onto your next highest trajectory?

And are you ready to do the work required to get you there?

Having reflected on my year, I feel more ready now than I ever had. The fear that stopped me back in 2018 has diminished exponentially and I now look at the future timelines with magical excited curiosity.

I am in the process of releasing my dependencies and therefore am more ready than ever to activate my FREEDOM CODES!

2020 Bring it on!!

Bring on the Magic and the Transformation!

Wishing you all a journey of the utmost ease and grace!

In Love, Light & Service!


This came through me today as I look towards 2020 and beyond and what energies and opportunities I want to bring into manifestation over the next 7 year episode of Gaia’s Ascension starting on the 12:12:12 Gateway.

Radical Responsibility!

Taking responsibility and holding ourselves accountable for every thought, emotion and action we have taken and are taking in each moment is an essential aspect of the 7 Steps to Sovereignty.

But doing this WITHOUT Judgement or Blame!


When we can look back on our lives and ACCEPT and KNOW that we made choices in each moment we free ourselves from the energy of VICTIM CONSCIOUSNESS and step into our CREATOR BEING-NESS!

We are creating our reality in each and every moment. The choices we are making in this NOW moment determine the timelines our future selves experience.

We are entering a powerful portal this year with the 12:12:12 gateway. The portal extends between 12th December and 21st December.

But we are already within the energies of the last powerful portal from the 11:11 Gateway. A gateway that showed us the shadow aspects that we are still holding in our fields and in denial of.

This is a powerful time to REALLY look at our lives and let go of that which is no longer serving us but in fact keeping us from experiencing our highest potential.

In Love, Light & Service to ALL


I was working with a client today when this came through from Source.

There are many things that are on a spectrum. Anger and Passion being one of them. Anger is the Product of us constantly denying or suppressing our Passion.

Allow your Passions to be expressed, acknowledge them, give them space. Let your hearts fill and your Passions flow.

In Love, Light & Service


“The time for separation is over

The time for Unity is NOW”

The time of understanding our energy field as a separated 7 chakra system is coming to an end

The time of the ONE light flowing freely through our toroidal field is NOW

When we allow ourselves to give and receive equally allowing energy to flow to us, through us and from us freely we create the toroidal field within our light bodies

It is time for all colours to come together to reform as the ONE pure light

If we pass white light through a prism it separates into the separate colours of the rainbow

I recently did a healing session with a client and this message came through: that it is time to move away from looking at our separate individual energy centres and bring our awareness to our one light our ascension column, ourselves as the ‘hollow bone’

To allow all aspects of ourselves to come together as ONE

Our Left and Our Right Sides

Our Masculine and Our Feminine

Our ‘Good’ and Our ‘Bad’

Our ‘Hidden’ and Our ‘Known’

Allowing all to become ONE
Allowing ourselves to Unify

In Love, Light & Service


I was out for my daily walk and Source came through.

How do I know it was Source?

I asked!

The ‘knowing’ that came through was different to anything I had experienced before. There was a plurality and depth to the ‘voice’.

The information was coming through as ‘We’. When I asked who it was they said ‘Source’.

So it felt good to do a ‘Source Speaks’ post!

If more comes through I shall share as and when…


“Flow is Fluidity & Movemment

The only constant in life is change and Flow

To be in Flow is to let go of all attachment

To be neither beholden to the Message nor the Messenger!”


So let me beak this down a bit:

We know that everything is energy and that energy flows, it isn’t stagnant and cannot be forever contained

It shifts and changes form, constantly moving

The only constant there really is in life IS change or Flow

Nothing ever stays the same that is one of the illusions of separation that the Ego holds, the belief that we can control, or that we can remain in a state of stasis where things stay the same

The human habit is therefore to hold onto things, to what it believes to be true and what it believes it needs to survive such as ideas, objects, money, love etc.

The ego spends most of its time living in the past or projecting into the future from a perspective gained from the past

Holding onto the attachment to ideas, beliefs, material things etc. We hold onto everything!!

To be in Flow, allowing all that the Universe has to offer to come to you, flow through you and from you is to let go of ALL attachment

To let go of the need to hold onto any of it, the need to keep it for or within ourselves

To not create attachments to either the message that we receive or the messenger

The Ego is created through us living in a world of duality, a world with hierarchy where people are greater than or less than another

So humans tend to put people, guides etc on a pedestal with themselves below them

Therefore attaching importance to what is said and who is saying it rather than whether it resonates with them in each moment

An example of this would be the message I recently received about ‘feeling’ the pain I was in

My attachment to the message was such that I needlessly went without painkillers for days

But that message was true and resonant in the moment I received it, I failed to keep checking in with myself to see if it still held true for me in each moment after

Equally we can receive a message from someone and really resonate with that message but it’s important to keep checking in with your ‘SELF’ to see if everything else you see/ hear from them also resonates

And know that its OK if it doesn’t!

That is Flow!

In each NOW moment keep tuning into your SELF

Use your discernment, your internal barometer to determine what is in alignment in each moment and allow all to be Fluid and in FLOW

In Love, Light & Service