I have Channeled a More Messages Entitled ‘Source Speaks‘  Here is the most recent message from this series and came through on 01/01/2020

✨Change is ALL About Perspective✨✨

This came through me on a walk the other day.
Change is ALL about Perspective
“Change is coming
Change is here
Change is now
How you experience it is down to perspective”
Change is the only constant that we have in life.
Everything is Energy and energy flows it is never static or constant
As we RELEASE our attachment to the rigid 3rd dimensional structures whether they be;
relationships/ family structures
societal structures – financial/ educational/hierarchies etc
locations/ environments/ weather patterns
thoughts/ beliefs
emotional states
ie. how things are right now
we connect more with our truth and embrace our own natural flow
How we experience everything is down to our Perspective
Our perspective is going to be the major factor this year and beyond that will determine how we experience our reality and the shifts that are happening/ going to happen
Which dimension we exist in – 3rd Dimensional, 4th or 5th
All time exists in the NOW
Our personality (ego) self fears change, resists change and therefore the perception of change occurring within the external reality of the personality self is often experienced as a bad thing and something to be avoided
We call this wanting to stay within our comfort zone
But ironically the ‘comfort zone’ is anything but comfortable for our eternal soul selves as it is holding us/ containing us and is more like a prison than a safe haven!
Our true self is a multi-dimensional energetic being existing in multiple dimensions and realities at any given time
Therefore to try to remain static/ constant for our true selves is anything but ‘comfortable’
Our natural state is energetic flow, the ability to remain in resonance with our natural ebb and flow, expansion and contraction
We are all very aware of the ‘changes’ occurring in the world at the moment and many see these changes and fear them
If you are able to shift your perspective to one of TRUST in the natural ebb and flow of the Universal Energy
Releasing yourself from the FEAR programs that have been coded into our DNA “False Evidence Appearing Real” and driving our perception of reality
If you are able to shift your perspective to one of LOVE, FAITH and SURRENDER you will find yourself experiencing a whole new reality and your journey through these times will be full of EASE and GRACE!
Welcome the changes you see/ sense or feel in your lives and reconnect with your natural energetic FLOW state!
Spirit really wants me to reiterate the fact that we are not alone on this journey and if you are struggling to reconnect to your Highest Aspect of Self, your TRUST, LOVE & FAITH reach out to the support that is around you whether it be in the etheric realms of spirit or in the physical through High Vibrational Community!
May your Journey’s through these amazing, powerful times be ones of EASE and GRACE!
In Love, Light & Service