Mundane To Hosted By Louise Matson
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Date:  25th September 2019

Speakers:  Ana Vidal & Antoinette O’Connell

Topic: DRAGONS: Learn how to work in Partnership with them to co-create Prosperity and Abundance in your life

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Date:  26th September 2019

Speaker:  Beth Herndobler

Topic: The Energy of Flow: Align with the Crystalline Light of Abundance 


Date:  27th September 2019

Speaker:  Jennifer Hough

Topic: The New Alchemy of Way more Awesome, in Way Less Time

Kim Regnitz

Date:  28th September 2019

Speaker:  Kim Regnitz

Topic: I AM Activating my Crystalline Light Body!


Date:  29th September 2019

Speaker:  Tracy Smith

Topic: Everyday Money Magic


Date:  30th September 2019

Speaker:  Rachel Pfotenhauer

Topic: How to connect to the Earth


Date:  1st October 2019

Speaker:  Sky Kubby

Topic: Regaining Sovereignty Of Your Body By Getting Rid of the “Uninvited Guests”

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Date:  2nd October 2019

Speaker:  Nora WalksInSpirit

Topic: New Crystalline Grid Systems

celia fenn

  Date:  3rd October 2019

  Speaker:  Celia Fenn

  Topic:  Portals, Gateways & Timelines

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Date:  4th October 2019

Speaker:  Alicia Power

Topic: How Deep Can I Go With My Spirit Guide


Date: 5th October 2019

Speaker: Janet Doerr

Topic: Curing Osteoarthritis Naturally


Date:  6th October 2019

Speaker:  Brenda Dempsey

Topic: Success – It’s a Quantum Leap Away!


Date:  7th October 2019

Speaker:  Sandra Walter

Topic: Crystalline DNA Activation


Date:  9th October 2019

Speaker:  Ariella Indigo

Topic: Indigos & New Humans


Date:  10th October 2019

Speaker:  Acurda Melchizedek

Topic: Activating Your Gifts and talents through Your DNA


Date:  11th October 2019

Speaker: Michaela

Topic: Ignite The Magic Of Your Inner Child

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Date:  12th October 2019

Speaker: Cristen Lyn Jacobsen

Topic: Transcendence Coaching with the Divine Mercy Evolution Code


Date: 13th October 2019

Speaker: Louise Matson

Topic: The Path to Empowerment – Closing Conversation