Ana Vidal & Antoinette O’Connell

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We’d love you to have 2 free lessons from our ‘Working with Dragons’ online course on us! This is the perfect opportunity for you to start reconnecting with these extraordinary cosmic protectors and explore the immense potential they can bring to your life. 

Here is a short video on how to access the FREE Gift:

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Beth Herndobler

Free Gift

Sacred 8 Energy Flush Activation

In this energetically infused guided Activation, you will travel to the 32nd Dimension in the Quantum Field and use a spiral chain of sacred 8 infinity symbols, to flush, cleanse and clear your energy centers and up-level your energetic field to flow in the frequency of magnificent abundance with ease and grace. Repeated use increases the effects of the activation.

Special Offer

A QUANTUM UPGRADE: Align with the Crystalline Light of the Universal Grid & FLOW IN ABUNDANCE

Beth has generously offered TWO packages for her special offer.

PACKAGE A includes Products #2, #3 & #4 plus the Bonuses.

Value: $1199.00

Your Price $127.00

Discount: 89% – YOU SAVE $1072.00


PACKAGE B includes everything in Package A, plus Product #1, the private one-on-one session with Beth.

Value $ 1,621.00

Your Price $197.00

Discount: 88% – YOU SAVE $1424.00


Product #1:  ENERGETIC BODY BLUEPRINT SCAN, CLEARING & REALIGNMENT ~ 30 Minute Private One-on-One Session with Beth (Value $422)

Product #2:  2 Part Workshop ~ The Energy of Flow  (Value $855)

Product #3:  Channeled Energy Infused Fibonacci Series Activations  (VALUE $140)

Product #4:  Monthly Energy Healing Call 3 MP3s of Beth’s MEHC  (Value: $105)


Jennifer Hough

Days 1-3 of ‘12 Days of Awakening Program’

The 12 Days of Awakening is a video series Jennifer created that Activates your DNA so you can dance with everything, be open to receive from the Universe, play with it All and dive into new beginnings.



    • Day 1: Truly receiving love from people, the environment, and Life itself
    • Day 2: Vibrant health beyond the “Jail of Genetics”
    • Day 3: Financial expansiveness – what it takes to truly thrive

What the 12 Day program will do:

    • Activate your ability to live free of guilt and judgment
    • Permanently dissolve stubborn issues
    • Provide the tools to cope when the world seems to have gone off the rails
    • Expand the aspects of you that were born to fly
    • Assist you in bringing Heaven with you wherever you go (it’s our diabolical plot for world peace)
    • Plus, so much more!

You will also receive:

    • Dreams Webinar
    • Skill 37 – Become the Alchemist & Be the Magnet without the Mind

Kim Regnitz

Kim Regnitz

Kim is generously offering 3 gifts to the Mundane to Magical Community:

    • “Riding the Waves of the Great Awakening”Mp3 + PDF (Fully Embodied Transmission)
    •  “ I AM Crystalline Light!”Mp3 holographic activation

This Mp3 Holographic “Ascension” Activation, through the Loving Assistance of Kim’s “I AM” Alchemy Team Collective  within this  “I AM” Frequency bandwidth, guides you on another amazing Holographic Journey/Transmission that is an Activation of the Crystalline Light Body!  Through the Elementals and Crystalline Beings, a new Expansive Upgrade is facilitated.  Your Entire Energy Biofield is Recalibrated and fully Grounded prior to the Crystalline Beings that are known as the “Anandalites”!  Ananda, literally means “Divine Bliss” and this Transmission that comes through is aligning and very Powerfully Expansive, especially through the Heart Stargate Portal!

There are the Presence of many Angelic, Devic and Crystalline Beings that offer Co-Creative Assistance as this Upgrade is anchored within your Grids and Gaia’s Grids for all to tap into! Experience Pure Bliss and Joy as your DNA and all of your Cells encode more piezoelectric Energy and Photonic Expression preparing your Being for Ascension Frequencies!  Each time you participate in this Activation, you will accelerate this Crystalline Calibration as it upgrades and relates to your Ascension  Trajectory!


Tracy Smith

Everyday Money Magic

Tracy has provided a discount code as her free gift of 20% off each of her services.  To view Tracy’s services visit her website   To access Tracy’s FREE GIFT of 20% off her services just add the discount code at point of purchase.

Discount Code ~ MAGIC20


Rachel Pfotenhauer

Free Gift

Connect to the Earth Meditation

Sit or lie back and listen to this meditation to connect you to Earth’s energy.  Feel the healing energy of the Earth and receive messages for your greatest and highest good.

Please note if you are struggling to access the video version of the meditation please try the audio version.


Special Offer

This package includes:

    • Four LIVE Earth Healing Group Sessions
    • Seven Direct Earth Transmissions
    • Two Earth Meditations

Value: $555.00

Your Price $127.00

Discount: 77% – YOU SAVE $428.00


Sky Kubby

Sky has generously provided access the following 4 FREE eBooks to assist you in your awakening journey:

    • How to Heal Cavities Now – Get the Full Cavity Healing Protocol
    • Decalcify your Pineal Gland – Get the Full Pineal Gland Awakening Protocol
    • 9 Biohacks for Feeling like a Million Bucks [PDF]
    • The Raw Chocolate Diet Cleanse [PDF]
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Nora WalksInSpirit

Free Gift

LIGHT Particles Activation

This downloadable Mp3 is a channeled teaching and guided activation to infuse your light body and chakra system with LIGHT particles to activate your pineal gland and light body.

Please Note: files must be downloaded to a computer.  Please ensure you are not driving or using machinery whilst listening to this transmission.

Nora WalksInSpirit

Special Offer


Nora has generously offered THREE packages for her special offer.

PACKAGE A is a Personal Healing Session with Nora

Value: $150.00

Your Price $125.00

Discount: 17% – YOU SAVE $25


PACKAGE B Gateway to Reality Consciousness Audio Activations

Value: $110

Your Price $88.00

Discount: 20% – YOU SAVE $22


This Package Includes:

Product #1: 8:8 Gateway Audio and e-book August 2019  Approx 70 minutes

Product #2: Full Moon Eclipse Activation Audio August 2019  Approx 60 minutes


Product #3: Are You Ready Receiving and Listening for the Lunar Eclipse Energies Audio July 2019  Approx 55 minutes


Purchase BOTH Packages for only £188!

Value: $260

Discount: 28% YOU SAVE $72

Alicia Power Headshot

Alicia Power

Special Offer

Alicia has generously provided access to an amazing package for the Mundane to Magical Community.  The content of the package is directly channeled from spirit to enable you to connect with your guides and Soul Purpose.  This highly discounted package includes:

    • The Path To Light Purpose – THE TRUTH 1hr video
    • BEING GOD – 3x audio workshops
    • “SPIRIT TUTOR CONNECTION – YOUR PATH TO PURPOSE”  FULL 9x module workshop  course!

Value: $380.00

Your Price $127.00

Discount: 53% – YOU SAVE $253.00


Janet Doerr

The Top Five Tips to Increase Your Intuition pdf

Do you wish you knew what you body was trying to tell you?  Click on the link to receive your free gift.



Brenda Dempsey

Quantum Springing Activation

Brenda guides us through a 20 minute Quantum Leaping Activation to take you to meet yourself in another dimension to gain answers and insights to enable you to gain success in this lifetime.



Ariella Indigo

The Soul Purpose System

Ariella shares the PROFOUND wisdom held within this incredible system, which has its roots in Jewish Mysticism, the sacred Hebrew language, Gematria Numerology and Ancient Egypt.

With this free gift you are invited to look up your blueprint and download Ariella’s eBook so that you can see which Creation Codes are at play in your reality.  This is the first step in illuminating your path and giving you access to the key insights and breakthroughs you’ve been looking for!

You soul chose it’s birth name prior to incarnation and with this system you will learn how your birth name contains the fundamental codes which create the entire blueprint of your existence…

Within ‘The Soul Purpose System’ eBook, You Will Discover:

    • A spiritual road map which will illuminate your path and show you the way!
    • Answers to why you’ve experienced life in the way that you have!
    • What your Soul Calling is: The answer to the BIG question: why am I here?
    • Your Divine Gifts – the way you are coded to express your divinity
    • The challenges you’ve which conceal your hidden gifts!
    • The Creation Codes which have been creating your reality

Here is a short video on how to access the FREE Gift:


Acurda Melchizedek

Ancestral Re-Coding Through Your Multi-Dimensional DNA Activation

This activation will work with the first two strands of your DNA to start re-coding patterns you’ve inherited from your ancestors. This is an important foundation to the multi-dimensional DNA process and it is my gift to you.



Ignite The Magic of Your Inner Child

5 Keys to Spark Your Inner Magic
    • Discover how to: create more Joy, Magic and Miracles in your life!
    • Create more Joy, Magic and Miracles in your life!
    • Go on a playful, creative journey to unleash the magic of your inner child
    • Learn what your primary intuitive superpower is and how to strengthen it
    • Discover how to spark a deep connection with the Divine to receive guidance
    • Cultivate more self-love, pleasure and beauty in your life
    • Learn 3 essential energy practices to protect and revitalise your energy fields and body


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Personal Breakthrough Session with Michaela

Value: $444.00

Your Price $275.00

Discount: 38% – YOU SAVE $169

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Cristen Lyn Jacobsen

Free Gift
Healing Limiting Beliefs, Emotions and Programs meditation
“Where attention goes, energy flows…” Our beliefs and emotions are the driving force in our life.  We have the power to choose if we want to drive them or let them drive us.  Use this short meditation to bring awareness and healing in your life to old patterns that are no longer in your highest good. Use it daily to continue building a peaceful, centered innerstanding allowing more joy to enter your life.
Special offer
Transcendence Coaching with the Divine Mercy Evolution Code

Christen Lyn is providing a discounted rate on any of her services of $107 (normally priced at $125) using the discount code below as her Special Offer this equates to a discount of 14% off each of her services.  

To view Cristen Lyn’s services visit her website  

To access Cristen Lyn’s SPECIAL OFFER of 14% off her services just reference the discount code when scheduling a session.

Discount Code ~ Magical2019

Let the magic begin 💗



Louise Matson

Special Offer

I have decided to offer a special offer of my own for the Mundane to Magical Community.  The package includes a Personal Healing & Guidance Session with Me Plus The Entire Collection of Season Two of the Mundane to Magical Online Summit Series!

Click on the link to my Special Offer Page for more details 

Value: $174.00

Your Price $127.00

Discount: 27% – YOU SAVE $47.00