Rachel Pfotenhauer

Rachel holds an MA in Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor.).She has nearly two decades of experience counseling and offering spiritual guidance to individuals.  She is trained  in EMDR, DBT, Body Intuitive and ThetaHealing. She has been psychic all her life and has spent over ten years training with psychic and mystic, Beverly Anderson. In the last 20 years she has worked with shamans, roadmen and medicine healers in Peru and the southwest. She has over 15 years experience channeling the angels and Earth. She currently channels Earth to assist in healing clients of physical and emotional issues.

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Earth’s clarion call is for us to understand her as a living loving consciousness. Earth holds thoughts and feelings just like we do.


How we feel about ourselves, each other, and the world we live in, directly impacts her. It is time to connect to Earth as we once did and rebuild oursymbiotic relationship.

In doing so, we heal both Earth and ourselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


By connecting to Earth, we fulfill one of our soul’s most important intentions, thus transforming and expanding our energetic selves and transforming all beings around us. By being in union with Earth, we accelerate our expansion from 3D to 5D.


Earth is asking us to pay attention to not only her physical body but her energetic body as well. Our intentional commitment to her, can heal and transform Earth’s physical and energetic body, and move her toward harmony and balance. When Earth’s in balance, we’re in balance.

We are meant to be in alignment with our soul. When we connect to Earth’s energy, our density diminishes and we integrate with our true nature. Bonding with Earth, ignites the universal DNA, allowing us to connect into the Earth or Gaian System.


Earth states there is still time to change, connect and heal. But we must act now. Change is upon us. She is imploring us to take charge and commit to our relationship with her.







Rachel channeling Earth for four live one-hour group sessions of meditation, healing, transmissions or channeled questions and answers.


Meditation and healing will be for 30 to 35 minutes and 20 minutes of channeled transmissions or question and answer.

Group Healing Sessions are held Every Thursday at 11am PST/ 2pm EDT/ 7pm GMT






Join Rachel Pfotenhauer in participating with Earth in these direct transmissions designed to activate your energetic field and move you toward action in connecting to Earth.


3 ½ hours of streaming video transmissions


  • How you can benefit from Earth’s connection, both physically and energetically
  • By fulfilling your soul’s purpose in connecting to Earth, your frequency increases, thus increasing the frequency of those around you.
  • What energetic beings are here to help you move through this time of great transformation and how they can assist you
  • How your behavior affects Earth and how it ultimately comes around and affects you
  • The activation of the Universal DNA within you and experiencing your soul in totality
  • Why connecting to Earth expands your evolution and lifts you to higher consciousness.
  • A chapter is included from Rachel’s channeled text of Earth’s words. Book is Earth Speaks





Join Rachel Pfotenhauer in deepening your connection with Earth in these Two Meditations.


  • Short meditation to connect to Earth
  • Long meditation to connect to Earth


Energetic Earth Channel and Healer,
Intuitive Counselor, and
Licensed Professional Counselor


Rachel Pfotenhauer is an Intuitive Channel who has the ability to connect with a variety of Universal Energies such as Creator, Archangels and angels, Jesus, Avians,and more. A few years ago while channeling her angels, she heard a new voice and asked, “Who’s this?”

The voice replied, “I’m Earth and I have something to say.”  Rachel found Earth’s message so profound she took to herself in a cabin along the north coast of California and channeled a book of Earth’s words. Earth’s message is that it’s not too late for us. There is still time to heal ourselves, each other and Earth through intentionally connecting to her on a daily basis and by doing so we then, heal ourselves and Earth. Since the channeling of the book, Rachel also received a command from the Creator in that she was to start healing people using Earth’s energy. While in the Hawaiian Islands, a protocol was downloaded to heal along with a code of grace. The following months after the download Rachel worked with clients who had suffered from chronic illness and found vast improvements to full healing with most clients, all by channeling Earth’s energy.

For nearly twenty years Rachel had a full practice of counseling and guiding clients. In the summer of 2018 she shifted her focus to educating people on the importance of connecting to Earth as a vehicle for healing both Earth and ourselves. This symbiotic relationship is necessary for our species and many others to continue living on Earth. By connecting deeply to Earth, our energetic body, physical body, mind, and spirit heals. Since channeling Earth’s energy, people with Lyme, EBV, anxiety, depression, Lupus, PTSD, migraines, etc have healed dramatically, if not completely, from Earth’s healing energy.

Rachel has also been shown the way to bring people into their 5D reality through working with Earth. It is our soul’s intention to connect to Earth. It is one of the main reasons we come to this plane of existence. We cannot transcend this 3D experience without Earth. Rachel’s teachings via Earth discuss how to become what we already are in our 5D experience. We cannot ascend into higher consciousness without first building a deep connection to Earth. Rachel has uploaded this information from Earth as a way to give others the ability to transcend fear through their connection to Earth so that they can experience their divine soul in totality. By experiencing their soul this way, they are completely connected to their divine self at all times and are no longer separate from themselves or creator, nor do they walk in fear. Earth’s channeling discusses the soul, death and more as a way for people to understand Earth on a deeper level. It’s Earth’s and Rachel’s hope that by connecting to Earth more consciously, we’ll respect and care for her. We will become better stewards.

Rachel also holds an MA in Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor.She has nearly two decades of experience counseling and offering spiritual guidance to individuals.  She is trained  in EMDR, DBT and ThetaHealing. She has been psychic all her life and has spent over ten years training with psychic and mystic, Beverly Anderson in Durango. In the last 20 years she has worked with shamans, roadmen and medicine healers in Peru and the southwest. She is also a wife and the mother of two amazing children.


“I have worked with Rachel Pfotenhauer for a number of years and her guidance and support has been a key aspect of my growth and development as a person and a healer. These past few years she has begun channeling Earth and working with Earth to heal others. All I can say is WOW! The energy, information and healing potential of working with Rachel is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced with anyone else. Each time I work with her I feel my entire being elevate in frequency and vibration, bringing in new abilities, awareness, and joy. She is an absolute gift to this world and I am so grateful for her work and what she is bringing to the planet at this time. She speaks for Earth, holds the deep compassion and wisdom of Earth and is able to channel it to others for healing and guidance. It’s amazing and should be experienced by everyone!”

I just want to thank you again for that reading. The timing was perfect and your insight was amazing. It’s incredible how much energy has moved!”

I had five consecutive healings in January of 2019 from Rachel and they were very powerful. I had chronic Lyme disease for years and have been symptom free for over a year. I went to Rachel not to get relief, since I am symptom free, but to cleanse any of the remaining Borellia bacteria that cause Lyme. After her healings, I felt much more grounded, energized, centered and whole. It has been two months since I had her healings and I not only continue to be symptom free, I have more energy and focus than I have had in several years. I am meditating more, exercising more, I have more presence throughout the day, and I am more focused than ever in actualizing my higher purpose. I find myself more deeply rooted in gratitude. I attribute all of these experiences to Rachel’s healings. I strongly encourage anyone who is considering getting healings by Rachel to do so. I can’t recommend her sessions enough!”

The work I did with rachel was nothing short of a miracle. I worked with Rachel for one week and had five days of back to back healings. I had been living with chronic pain for over 3 1/2 years, my diagnosis: lupus. Since working with Rachel I have noticed an amazing decrease in pain and symptoms. I recently just had two entire pain free weeks. My flare ups are becoming less frequent and less intense (pain used to be at a 10 and the most I’m experiencing now is a 3, 4 tops! with daily life atj a 0 or 1 ) .. this is all in less than two months! Besides the decrease in physical pain I’m experiencing an increase in awareness and mood, making life that much more enjoyable. I’m beyond grateful for Rachel and the work she does. ”

Since my healing work began with Rachel I have changed in the Best of ways and life just keeps getting better!! Not only have I been completely healed from my psychological illnesses but also from chronic fatigue and insomnia. I no longer take any type of prescription or herbal supplement for sleeping, anxiety, depression, nor for anything else. I feel so differently about my life now, that it is a precious gift and that I need to take advantage of every moment of it. My connection with Creator, Mother Earth and my Angels is so strong and beautiful, it is love in the purest sense. I never knew what self-love actually was until now and it all starts here. Synchronicities and miracles have been happening daily for me since completing the healing with Rachel. I am literally in awe of my new life. Yes, I feel as if I have a new life right now, that my life has just begun. If this sounds too good to be true, believe me it isn’t!! If you are debating investing the time, effort and money to do this work with Rachel, stop it right now. The small investment will be the best money you have ever spent on yourself. How can you put a price on healing your mind, body and soul? You can’t! Just do it!! Rachel is a true healer in every sense of the word and I am and will continue to be eternally grateful to her for helping me.”  Symptoms when I began healing work (0-10 / 10 being the worst) = CPTSD – 6 / Depression – 7 / Anxiety – 7 / Sleep – 10 / Migraine/Headaches – 4 / Spiritual Connection – 5 / Chronic Fatigue – 8 / Nausea – 8.   Post treatment my symptoms went to a 0. It’s been almost five months and I’ve been feeling great. I had gotten sick this last week and some of my symptoms came back while sick but was also due to what I ate and drank over the weekend. Prior to that, my symptoms were at a 0.”