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Beth Herndobler

Beth Herndobler, a former trial attorney turned Energy Healer & Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, is a Certified Intuitive Strategist, Medium  & Divine Channel. Beth communicates with yourHigher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels & Ancestors for messages, guidance & healing. She combines this guidance with a breakthrough technique that identifies & clears blocks, stuck points & patterns quickly so you can open to a life lived on purpose in abundance & with ease & grace.

Beth Herndobler Special Offer

A Quantum Upgrade:

Align with the Crystalline Light of the Universal Grid & FLOW IN ABUNDANCE

Two Packages Available!

Package A Valued at $1199 with an 89% discount!

Package B Valued at $1621 with an 88% discount!

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Our 4 bodies ~ mental, physical, emotional and energetic ~ must be aligned in order to flow in the frequency of abundance. For most of us, our bodies are loaded with outdated programs, patterns, ideas, beliefs, patterns and paradigms. Many of us are loaded and encoded with pain, fear, loss, lack and limitation. 

To assess the energetic alignment of your 4 bodies consider this:

  • Do you feel like you are doing everything you can & working so hard to live an abundant life & yet that life always seems to elude you & be just out of reach?
  • Do you lack clarity as to what the missing piece is?
  • Do you drag yourself to the same old job every day because you “have to” & still there never seems to be enough money?
  • Do you have your own business & work hard but never surpass the point of bringing in just enough money to make your bills?
  • Do you feel energized & inspired but then fear, doubt & worry creep in blocking your forward movement?
  • Do you experience the same challenges over & over & over?
  • Do you know you are intuitive and yet accessing your intuitive gifts so as to live your life on purpose remains elusive and just out of reach?

For your 4 bodies to align in an abundant frequency, for you to access and make use of your intuitive gifts, there must be a shift out of the old to open to receive what more is possible for you. We must break down to break through for real growth to occur. The concept is simple, yet putting it into practice on your own is not easy. The breakdown can unleash floodgates of fear, terror even, that cause you to retreat & cower in shadowy corners which may feel safe but actually keep you stuck & limit you. You need support to allow the breakdown & that is where Beth Herndobler comes in. Beth will walk you out of the shadows & into the light. Beth will guide you to clear, release and align your 4 bodies and flow in a new higher vibrational frequency of abundance where you tap into all you are here to be, do, have & create. Working with Beth will open you to a new state where you celebrate & welcome the breakdown & the fear it brings up. The only way out is through ~ everything you ever wanted is on the other side of that fear.


  • Are you ready to breakdown the old systems and realign your bodies to flow in the matrix and frequency of abundance?
  • Do you seek more fulfillment, joy & support in the relationships you have with family, your spouse or your friends?

If you need support & are ready to receive the experience of being fully empowered & abundant in all areas of your life, to be balanced, harmonious & happy every day, then working with Beth is for you! Beth will guide you to live your life on purpose & in complete balanced abundance with ease & grace.


Valued at $1199 

89% Discount!

You Save ~ $1072.00

Item #1:

2 Part Workshop ~ The Energy of Flow

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This 2 Part Workshop Includes:

~ An Energetically Infused 90 minute teaching call

~ A LIVE Quantum Energy Lab (QEL) with Q & A where you interact with Beth, you Higher Self, Guides and Celestial Team to discern where you can better align with the Crystalline Light of Abundance.

~ 5 Daily Practice Points PDF

~ 4 Body Connection Quiz PDF

~ Understanding Your 4 Bodies PDF

~ 5 Steps to Move Through a Challenge PDF

~ Intention Setting Exercise PDF

~ Releasing Negative Energy Exercises Video

Value $855


The Divine hears and receives everything you think and feel, whether you are conscious of this communication or not. This is especially true for all those ideas, stories, beliefs and patterns held so deeply that they are imprinted in your DNA. It is of the utmost importance to your expansion that you become conscious of what you are communicating to the Divine so that what you seek in this life and that which is in your highest interest is what you manifest.


Converting electricity into radio waves has transformed the way humans communicate with one another by way of unseen frequencies.  At the push of a button, we can interact by voice, video, text or email with people all over the world and even in space. We are literally surrounded by frequencies. So too, based on the energy we transmit through our thoughts, desires and actual requests, the Universe responds. As a result, we must be aware of and vigilant about what messages we are sending to the Universe consciously and unconsciously and of what guidance they are giving in return.  If you are focused on what you lack, on what is missing in your life, you are actually transmitting a negative vibration or request to the Universe.


In the Quantum Field we can tune up and recalibrate your frequency to Flow so that you can receive the abundance that is your birthright. In this workshop, you will learn how to mindfully shift your thoughts, words and actions so as to reset and activate your vibration to the level of Flow. You will learn how to develop a daily practice to support you going forward in opening a direct line of communication between you and the Divine. You will learn how to activate and hear the guidance available to you in support of your unfolding, awakening and expansion into the abundant life of your dreams with ease and grace.



  • Open to Greater Self-Love
  • Clear Your Biggest Blocks to Financial Success
  • Identify & Clear the Beliefs, Ideas, Stories, & Patterns You’re Running that No Longer Serve
  • Identify & Release Your Attachment to Societal & Cultural Mores & Judgments that are Holding You Back from Living an Abundant Life
  • Identify & Clear Familial, Ancestral & Genealogical Patterns of Loss, Lack, Limitation, ”Not-Good-Enough,” “Not-Gonna-Get-It-Right,” “Not-Gonna-Happen-For-Me”
  • Have the Experience Of & Receive Exponential Financial Growth
  • Shift Your Vibrational Frequency to Flow in the Matrix of Abundance in All Areas of Your life


I Know YOU ARE READY Because You Are Here!

Join Beth & Other Heart-Centered Souls Ready to Be, Do, Have & Create Magnificent Abundance and to Live Your Life on Purpose in Alignment with the Truth & Light of You with Ease & Grace.

What Have You Got to Lose but the Density that Does Not Serve?!!!

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~ An Energetically Infused 90+ Minute Teaching Call on the Energy of Flow: Magnetizing Exponential Financial, Emotional and Physical Abundance: Quit Working so Hard for So Little Success and Fulfillment and Open to the Flow!

We all come to this life to learn, grow, heal & clear. We carry ancestral trauma, patterns, ideas, stories & beliefs & then we pick up more from societal & cultural messages and programming. The world is being challenged to move into a new way of being & doing as the new 5thdimensional frequencies are integrating into the Earth. We are each being called to live at the level of our highest expression where our gifts & potential are fully realized right NOW in this very moment. To do that, we must clear our stories, blocks, ideas, beliefs, patterns & stuck points. The fastest way to do this is in the Quantum Field, where any small shift of energy affects the entire field.

Join Beth for this special lecture where you will tap into the Quantum Field, learn about the energy of flow & discover how to clear, open, expand & flow into the abundant inspired life of your dreams and fulfill your destiny. You will learn the fundamentals of brain function and simple, easy-to-follow daily steps to realign, shift & open to the experience of a new reality of you. 



In this QEL Q & A session, you can interact directly with Beth and ask any question about your energetic flow and where there is constriction around abundance. You may choose instead to ask your guides, your Higher Self and your Celestial Team another question or simply what they want you to know at this time. The power of this QEL is the one-on-one interaction you get with Beth!


Course Materials:

~ 5 Daily Practice Points PDF

Your daily activities must support transformation for it to occur & last. Using these 5 practices daily is a foolproof system to support transformation.

~ Understanding Your Four Bodies: The Body-Mind-Emotional-Energetic Connection PDF

An introduction to the Four Bodies and what is needed to maintain an open line of communication between you and each of your bodies.

~ Four Body Connection Quiz PDF

This quiz helps you assess and understand Your Relationships to each of the Four Bodies, physical, mental, emotional and energetic. The results of the quiz  will help you discern where to focus your energy and efforts as we move through this course.

~ 5 Steps to Move Through a Challenge PDF

Easy to follow process to surrender the struggle & open to the lesson, the gift, every challenge offers.

~ Intention Setting Exercise PDF

Learn how to craft empowering high vibrational affirmations that accurately reflect in present tense what you seek.

~ Releasing Negative Energy Exercises Video

These exercises release stress & increase the flow of energy throughout the body by stimulating the vital energy systems, meridians & spine to bring them into harmony & balance.


Give yourself the gift of this 2-part workshop with LIVE QEL at this amazingly low price not offered anywhere but right here, right now. Open the door to the life you are meant to live with love, laughter, joy, ease & grace. This workshop is so chock full of goodies you don’t want to miss it!

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“I have been on a last spurt of a “jet coaster ride” like spiritual journey since 2012.  Releasing, detoxing, meditating, healing, learning, praying; getting rid of and confronting my egos, etc.  However, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of “anxiety” and recurring inflammation somewhere in my body as well as nervous digestive system physically (now only my nose/ear only).  When I heard Beth being interviewed, I felt totally connected and knew I needed to have a session with her so I bought Beth’s Package B.  Just as I thought, Beth told me and saw/found things which no one recognized.  She really sees/feels things which may be hidden or buried, which are the causes or the reasons why there may be “blocks”. No other Masters, intuitives, psychics were able to identify them.  During the session, healing occurred as Beth guided me to get rid of these obstacles immediately. I experienced deep healing and it has held.  I am so grateful and thankful to be in this “new realm” Beth brought me to.   I do feel different and happier. With gratitude and much love.” – Hiroko (Helen) Ito, Japan

“I experienced great healing during one of Beth’s two-day online workshops. After emerging from the guided visualizations, breathing techniques & persona releasing exercises I knew this was a life changing experience. On day two of the workshop, Beth guided us through exercises that resulted in me pressing my chest into the floor, releasing trapped energy into the ground while employing breathing techniques & affirmations.  Beth asked us to visualize our timeline, & release pain associated with any continuum on the timeline. At that moment, I was visited by my parents who have both made their transition. My Mom & Dad were laughing & rejoicing, celebrating that all the pain I had internalized in my body related to the suffering of slavery was being released.  With the help of Beth’s techniques, I released generations of stored pain & trauma from my ancestral lineage. I wept uncontrollably, & when I massaged the spot I had been pressing into the floor, I noticed that a lump that had existed in that same spot for several months was now gone!!! It is my desire to share the power of Beth Herndobler’s gifts & techniques of spiritual healing with everyone I love!!!”

~ Asabi Carroll, R.N., Holistic Nutritionist

Item #2: 

Channeled Energy Infused Fibonacci Series Activations

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~ 4 MP3s of Beth’s Divinely Channeled Energetically Infused Fibonacci Spiral Activations known as The Fibonacci Trilogy, plus as a bonus, you will also receive the Fibonacci Clearing & Spiral in the Meadow Activation.

VALUE $140


There is no need to go it alone & work crazy hard to open, awaken & expand. Using these divinely channeled activations will take some of the load off of you. Scientifically the term activation energy is defined as the least amount of energy required to activate atoms or molecules to a state in which they can undergo a chemical reaction ~ in other words the least amount of energy to SHIFT & CHANGE. The principle of activation energy, of letting the work do the work, is at the core of Beth’s activations.


These activations connect you to the Quantum Field where you experience the exponential expansion of the Fibonacci Sequence. Regular and repeated use of these Fibonacci Activations can help you reset your frequency to flow at the level of abundance with ease and grace.  While this exponential expansion is available with use of the Fibonacci Activations, no guarantees can be made of each individuals experience and results ~ your individual experience and the results you receive depend upon your willingness to release what doesn’t serve and open to what more is available to you. The Trilogy Includes:

Picture 7

Fibonacci Spiral in the 22nd Dimension

The first Activation in the Fibonacci Trilogy is a 20 minute activation downloaded to Beth from Archangels Gabriel and Michael and is quite potent and powerful and yet ever so simple to use. The Fibonacci Spiral Activation will assist you in resetting your abundance frequency with ease and grace.  All you have to do is allow yourself 20 minutes in a quiet comfortable space along with the willingness to surrender, release, open and shift. The Fibonacci Activation does the rest. Value: $26

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Fibonacci Activation in the Cave of Abundance

This Activation pairs perfectly with the other Fibonacci Activations. It is energetically infused with the expansive vibration of affluence so that you can tap into the frequency of abundant flow and prosperity. Regular use of this Activation will assist you in moving beyond “just enough” to “more than enough” so that you have substantial reserves from which to give and serve. Allow yourself 20 minutes in a relaxed quiet setting to open to and flow in this energetically infused Activation of Affluence.

Value: $44

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Fibonacci Palace of Abundance Activation

This is the 3rd Activation in the Fibonacci Trilogy. In this 25 minute Activation infused with both crystalline energy and the Fibonacci Sequence, experience a physical infusion of these powerful frequencies as you travel the golden grace-light path to the Palace of Abundance where you connect with Divine Mother, Archangels Michael and Gabriel and take your seat on your golden throne of abundance. Your Wise-One Team will activate your heart light and a crystalline pyramid structure, a merkaba of abundance, is created for your up-leveling into the frequency of abundance. The creation of your own merkaba of abundance and the supercharged energy flowing in this activation makes this one of the most powerful activations in the Fibonacci Series.  Repeated use of this Activation (and especially when used in conjunction with the 1st and 2d Activations in the Fibonacci Trilogy), you can expect to have exponential expansion of your ability to flow in the frequency of abundance and prosperity with ease and grace.

Value: $44

Bonus Activation:

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Fibonacci Clearing & Spiral in the Meadow Activation

This is the 4th Activation in the Fibonacci Series that clears density trapped in any of your bodies (mental, emotional, physical and energetic or spiritual) that opposes abundance and also lifts and carries you to a new vibrational frequency on the Fibonacci Spiral. It is energetically infused with abundance and prosperity and uses the powerful intention statement: I AM open to exponential expansion of abundance and financial prosperity now. Regular use of this Activation will assist you in moving beyond “not enough,”  “almost enough,” “just enough” to “more than enough” so that you have substantial reserves from which to give and serve. Allow yourself 12 minutes in a relaxed quiet setting to open to and flow in this energetically infused Activation of Affluence.

Value: $26

Note: As with all of Beth’s Activations and all energy work in general, results cannot be guaranteed as they are directly related to your willingness to release, open and receive.

Item #3:

Monthly Energy Healing Call

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3 MP3s of Beth’s MEHC

In 2018, Archangel Michael, Divine Mother and Father called Beth to begin a Monthly Energy Healing Call (MEHC) as systems are breaking down so that the human race and planet earth can heal. In the 3D reality this process is expressed as chaos, fear, anxiety, illness, poverty, massive power plays, climate change and senseless violence. As difficult as things appear, breakdown truly is break through. The light, energy and frequency of the 5th Dimension is already being downloaded to the earth, and those of us open to receive, and will continue to build in intensity. Now is the time for each and every one of us to release and surrender that which no longer serves to create space to open to and receive the light and magnificence of who we are and what we are each here in this life to do. To support you in this process of breaking down to break through with greater ease and grace, Beth accepted the call of these Divine Beings to host the MEHC to facilitate your experience of opening to these new 5D energies with greater ease and grace.

Value: $105

Moving Energetic Mountains

The Crystal Kingdom supports this divine shift of our perceptions of the “mountains” that stand between where we are and where we seek to be. Value $35

The Healing Bubble

In this MEHC, the invitation and the work allows you to select whatever issues you are ready to let go of and surrender it into a bountiful healing bubble created and supported by Divine Mother, Archangel Michael and the Divine Feminine & Masculine Angels. With great gratitude and powerful energy, the Divine receives and transmutes what you are ready to release with ease and grace. Value $35

Healing with the Violet Flame

A Master of the Ancient Wisdom, Saint Germaine initiates our souls in the science and ritual of transmutation through the Violet Flame, a miraculous spiritual energy. Working with the Violet Flame in this MEHC is a powerful, expansive and magnificent journey as you open and take the deep dives the Divine is prompting to clear what doesn’t serve and open more to the truth and light of YOU! Value $35


“So grateful to have found Beth & this wonderful Monthly Healing Energy Call. I was not able to join in live but the replay was filled with the same terrific and powerful energies of Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael. I was so touched and also energized. The greatest gift is that we own the mp3 & can listen to the replay every day which helps me to support myself on the path of transformation. I can´t wait to join in on the next Call. Love and blessings to all “Bringers of the Light” ~ the world needs you so step out and show up! Thank you Beth for leading the way.” ~ Michaella Boudreau

Unbelievable experience! The MEHC far exceeded my expectations. Bless you Beth.” ~ AHH


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~ 3 MP3’s of Singing Mantras

~ Introduction to Chanting PDF


In the current time of great change, energetic shifts, global chaos & uncertainty, it can be challenging to find inner peace & stability. Without inner peace we can become trapped in an energetic frequency that blocks the flow of abundance. Tapping into the ageless ancient wisdom of chanting can aid the process of staying in the FLOW. It can be challenging to keep count as you chant a mantra 108 times. Let these beautiful MP3 recordings do that work for you so you can relax & open to vibrational harmony.

~ 3 MP3’s of Mantrasrecorded with singers Lonie Walker & Nicole Faith chanting each Mantra 108 times.

Miracle Mantra

This powerful chant supports the free gift you received when you signed up for this Discovery Series.

Peace Mantra

Chanting this mantra moves us out of the egoic lower-self & into a state of love, compassion & peace, essential to be in a flow of abundance.

Prosperity Mantra

The vibration of this mantra affects you on a deep cellular level & opens you to the energetic frequency of prosperity.

~ Introduction to Chanting PDFthat explains why we chant a mantra 108 times.

Picture 16
Picture 17

Lonie Walker, pianist/ singer/ songwriter/ bandleader/ composer/ arranger/ playwright/ entrepreneur/ mother/ grandmother/ past-life regression therapist / healer/ yoga practitioner/ minister in the Order of Melchizedek/ mystic.

All of these & more embody the spirit & soul of Lonie Walker. Her continued studies, yoga, meditation & healing practices have been a lifelong endeavor as she continues to learn, exp& & share her gifts & talents. She remains steadfast as a Lightworker, dedicated to healing the Earth.

Picture 18

Nicole Faith has a musical soul. Her father is jazz guitarist Bobby Broom, who played with legends Miles Davis & Sonny Rollins. At age 7, Nicole performed with Roberta Flack, then joined the Chicago Children’s Choir, recorded several solo songs by age 9 & later recorded with numerous Chicago-based musicians. After serendipitously recording with musicians on several continents while a USC Global Scholar, Nicole shifted her focus to her work as an educator but her heart led her back to the stage. During a recent television appearance while studying at LACM, she had an awakening & is now dedicated to service through her art. Just returned from a spiritual trek to Machu Picchu, Peru, Nicole is currently working on her debut album in LA.


Valued at $1621 

88% Discount!

You Save ~ $1424.00

Includes EVERYTHING from Package A above, PLUS:

30 Minute Private One-on-One Session with Beth


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~ 30 Minute Private One-on-One Session with Beth to scan your Energetic Body & identify blocks, limiting beliefs that are holding you back, stuck points, cords, hooks & implants. Areas where the flow of your energy is restricted or blocked are cleared. Cords, hooks & implants are removed. Your energetic field is activated and realigned to flow in harmony with the Universal Grid and the Divine light of all you are. Value $422

EBBS Sessions Combine Energetic Downloads, Clearing, Release and Healing to Allow Your Energetic Body to be Reset in the Quantum Field To Align with the Crystalline Light of the Universal Grid & FLOW in ABUNDANCE.


The focus of an EBBS Session is to identify and clear stored, trapped emotions and ancestral patterns of:

  • Loss
  • Lack & Limitation
  • Poverty
  • Hardship
  • Adversity &
  • Failure consciousness


EBBS Sessions are powerful & allow for rapid transformation. You can expect channeled guidance & divinely inspired spiritual counseling to support you in the shifts you’ll experience during the session. This work was downloaded to Beth from Archangels Michael & Raphael and Divine.


“I have had 2 sessions with Beth Herndobler & am so blown away that there are no words to describe my experience. Words that come to mind are phenomenal, amazing, awesome & incredible & those words do not come close to how powerfully life changing the experience of these sessions has been for me. I have had the great good fortune over the years to work with many intuitive & spiritual healers, people known around the world, really some of the most well known names in this arena. & all I can say is, move over there is a new kid in town! Beth is so accurate & so intuitive. Everything she does is so helpful.  She shared things she was seeing & intuiting about my life & what I would be doing in the future. I was sure I must have told her some of those things but I had not. I am so excited about the guidance I received. Run, don’t walk, & have a session with Beth. I absolutely promise it will be one of the best experiences you have ever had to have a future that is guided by grace.”

~Debra Poneman, Founder of “Yes to Success Seminars” & co-founder with Marci Shimoff of “Your Year of Miracles.”

“I have been working with Beth for the past year and I don’t know where I would be without Beth and her EBBS and Intuitive Spiritual Counseling Sessions. I was floundering in fear, low self-esteem, patterns of sabotage, abandonment issues and so many patterns of limited thinking. I was bound in the patterns of my ancestors and lineage. Thinking back, I was not abundant in any area before this work. I am a changed woman and while I have more work to do (who doesn’t as Beth teaches!), I am well on my way to living an abundant life thanks to Beth, her wisdom, experience and her gifts. I am eternally grateful.” ~ Veronica R.

“I had an amazing one-on-one session with Beth recently after purchasing her show package. Her intuition and insights about my situation were nothing short of uncanny. Beth’s insights were spot on accurate during the session itself; and I had many more “ah ha” moments arising over the following few days. Beth’s session actually helped me to course-correct my Life’s Path, giving me clarity, certainty and confidence over what next step to take. I cannot praise Beth highly enough and would urge anyone just thinking about having a session with her to stop thinking and do it!” ~Cynthia Browne

“Beth has been such a guiding light in my life.  Her insight, knowledge and love helped me through a very difficult time in my life and I’m forever grateful for the guidance she has given me.  She is truly one of the kindest and most compassionate women I’ve had the privilege of working with and I look forward to continuing our work together in the years to come. She has many special gifts to share with the world and I’m so happy our paths have crossed. Thank you, Beth, for sharing your heart with me.” ~Dani Ibarra, Yoga Therapist, YogaWorks, Advanced Level Reiki Practitioner

“I recommend Beth 100%!  I have been working with Beth over the past couple of years. Not only is she a very gifted intuitive spiritual guide, she is also an authentically straight-forward & kind person. In the world, I am a Board Certified Family Physician. My Spiritual path of Awareness has now led me to Beth, who has “tuned in” & “tuned me up” with her intuitive gifts to what else I am here to do. Her ability to clear away blocks & to guide me to my Own Truth has helped me to move toward my passion & purpose work blending Spirituality with traditional Medicine.  Working with Beth in these sessions is revealing to me how I may be of greater benefit to others.” ~ Dr. Sheila Balestrino D.O., American Board of Family Medicine

“I am a performer, professor & yoga enthusiast who has been working with Beth for 3 years now. Beth is very gifted & her work has greatly helped me. My work with Beth has given me tools to use on my own to increase my peace & clarity of mind, as well as boost my ability to set & manifest intentions with ease, patience & joy. Since working with Beth I have accomplished several career goals that previously seemed out of reach – & I’m happier in my work as well! If you feel that something is blocking your happiness, peace of mind, or success – work with Beth!” ~Rachel S.I. Actor, Professor

“As a healer myself, I am always on the path of my own healing & self love. I have worked with psychotherapists, other hypnotists, Reiki, energy practitioners to name just a few & nothing has propelled me forward as quickly as Beth’s work. She is intuitive, kind hearted, loving & exceptionally good at her job. She comes from a place of love & genuine care for her clients & you feel that radiate in her sessions. A lot of times I made appointments not knowing what I needed & left the session with many a-ha moments & greater clarity & vision to move forward. I am thankful that I found her & highly recommend her.” ~Danielle Tasso, Ocean Hypnosis

“I have been working with Beth Herndobler over the last 2 years and am currently enrolled in her Quantum Energetics and Intuitive Mastery course. Given all the benefits I received from previously being in her Abundance Master Class I had to continue the work. This work has allowed me to embrace & open up my intuitive gifts. Tapping into Divine spiritual guidance with Beth was just what I needed to balance the man-made laws of financial planning with the spiritual laws of the universe.  Beth has a beautiful way of inviting in my divine spiritual team for every session. As a result, the biggest shift for me was uncovering my new gift of Transformational Energy Healing. It is so wonderful to have her guidance as I learn to accept & implement the healing techniques. I’m now able to see the energy of my coaching clients shifting.  Beth has assisted me in clearing my own blocks & limiting beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my goals with Starr Life Coaching. Every area of my life is opening to abundance in new ways. As a certified financial planner practitioner I have worked with my clients to plan for a secure future & have observed their relationships with money for the last 37 years! Now, I’m excited about the tools I’m folding in to help educate people about healthy money relationships, to heal relationships with money along with the relationships of the most important people in their lives. Thank you Beth for your commitment to helping me open & flow my energy in this new direction where I embrace that I AM a Law of Attraction life coach, Transformational Energy Healer & intuitive spiritual counselor.” ~Marla Starr, CFP, ChFC

Picture 19

Beth Herndobler

Beth is a former prosecutor & trial attorney turned Energy Healer, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Psychic & Medium is a Certified Intuitive Strategist & Divine Channel who communicates with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels & Ancestors for messages, information & guidance. She combines this guidance with a breakthrough technique that identifies & clears blocks, stuck points & patterns quickly so you can open to a life lived on purpose in abundance and with ease & grace.