Date:  27th September 2021

Speaker:  Louise Matson

Topic: Biurification to Divine Unification


Date:  28th September 2021

Speaker:  Raven Many Voices

Topic: Roar Like A Dragon – Stand in Your Power with Your Dragon Guardians


Date:  29th September 2021

Speaker:  Maya Boston

Topic: Sovereignty, Reconnecting To Your Authentic Self


Date: 30th October 2021

Speaker:  Lisa Bardell

Topic: Womb Healing: Reclaiming the Sacred Inner Temple 

Adalina East

Date:  1st October 2021

Speaker:  Adalina East

Topic: Returning to your Celestial Home


Date:  2nd October 2021

Speaker:  Linda Lewellyn

Topic: Singing Simply From The Soul – Free Your Natural Voice


Date:  3rd October 2021

Speaker:  Shivany Gonell

Topic: A Universal Invitation to Living Your Purpose!

Date:  4th October 2021

Speaker:  Maria Fels

Topic: Karmic Astrology and How to Unlock Your Soul Purpose with the Lunar Node Axis


Date:  5th October 2021

Speaker:  Margo Fraser

Topic: Dwelling in Joy – The Magic of Your Home’s Elemental Nature

Untitled design-3

Date:  6th October 2021

Speaker:  Peter Tongue

Topic: Dramatic Revelations!

Copy of Untitled-13

Date:  7th October 2021

Speaker:  Charlotte Banff

Topic: Messages From the Group Soul of the Animals

Alicia Power Headshot

Date:  8th October 2021

Speaker:  Alicia Power

Topic: How to Stay Empowered and Loving When Energies Feel Uncomfortable


Date:  9th October 2021

Speaker:  Ana & Antoinette

Topic: How the Dragons can help us to be our Multidimensional self

Maria A

Date: 10th October 2021

Speaker:  Louise Matson & Special Guest

Topic: Walking the Path from Mundane to Magical Soulful Living!