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Date:  17th February 2020

Speaker:  Peter Tongue

Topic: The Gene Keys and Glimpses into the Aquarian Age!


Date:  18th February 2019

Speaker:  Jynnette Lewis

Topic: Seeds Of A New Age


Date:  19th February 2019

Speaker:  Angela Blaha

Topic: Eclipse Season – Understanding the Penumbral Energy

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Date:  20th February 2020

Speaker:  Lori Ann Spagna

Topic: Dormant DNA, Timelines & Animal Communication


Date:  22nd February

Speaker:  Kaypacha

Topic: What’s Happening in the Social, Political, Financial, and Personal Realms of Planet Earth this year and How to Thrive in it


Date:  23rd Feb 2020

Speaker:  Sanjay Nimar

Topic: Why 24 Hour Energetic Protection is Necessary for Healing


Date:  24th February

Speaker:  Donna-Marie Hallessey

Topic: The Re-Empowerment of You!


Date:  25th February 2020

Speaker:  Louise Matson

Topic: Trust, Faith & Surrender

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Date:  26th February 2020

Speaker:  Laurie Reyon & Master Puddah

Topic: The Healing Power of Whales & Dolphins

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Date:  27th February 2020

Speaker:  Steve Ahnael Nobel

Topic: Your Life’s Work and The Hero’s Journey

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Date:  28th February 2020

Speaker:  Elizabeth Wood

Topic: Harmony, Empathy and Grounding

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Date:  29th February 2020

Speaker:  Carla Morrow

Topic: Calling for Dragons: Are they listening?

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Date:  1st March 2020

Speaker:  Jill Mattson

Topic: Deep Secrets & Magic of old Egypt – Rediscovered!

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Date:  2nd March 2020

Speaker:  Karen La Grange

Topic: The Healing Power of the Crystal Matrix and Custom-made Pyramids


Date:  3rd March 2020

Speaker:  Rachel Pfotenhauer

Topic: Connecting To Your Soul

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Date:  4th March 2020

Speaker:  Celia Fenn

Topic: 2020 The Shift Into The Cosmic Dancer

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Date:  5th March 2020

Speaker:  Nora Walksinspirit

Topic: SPRING CLEARING is underway for all of our Bodies, Minds and Souls

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Date:  6th March 2020

Speaker:  Klara Bilemdjian

Topic: How to Anchor Magic into your Life

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Date:  7th March 2020

Speaker:  Xi Earthstar Healer

Topic: Creation Magic with Xi Earthstar Healer

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Date:  8th March 2020

Speaker:  Catherine Rosenbaum

Topic:  We Are Re-Written In The Stars.  New Science-New Light Bodies.  New Quantum Crystal Patches and The New Human Story