Nora WalksInSpirit Special Offer C


Own this highly discounted package offered by Nora WalksInSpirit for Season Four of the Mundane to Magical Online Series!


9:9 Gateway Whale Excursion of Mastery Teachings


Package C Includes:

  • Day 1:  Whale Activation. 30 mins.
  • Day 2: Master Teachings: 15mins
  • Day 2: 12 Rings Activation of the Inner Chakra Body   25 mins.
  • Day 3:Infusing Aura Fields evolve into Higher Consciousness of Light.   20 mins.
  • 9-9 Gateway:  Calling all to be awakened to be in a KNOWING of your Soul Frequency of a Love Light Freedom Consciousness.  1Hour.15 mins.
  • VIDEO   Precious Footage Experiencing Whales on the Gulf of St. Lawrence Gaspe Bay