21 Day Back to Basics Energy Management Jump Start Program


A Jump Start Program to enable you to create the perfect Daily Energy Management Routine as part of your Spiritual Practice to improve your energetic health and wellbeing.  Learn how to cleanse and ground your energy field and set healthy boundaries.

This Program is for you if you:

  • Feel drained in certain peoples presence
  • Feel drained in particular spaces (particularly work environments)
  • Feel generally confused and overwhelmed
  • Suffer with mood swings that you do not feel in control of
  • Are unable to connect with your intuition/ inner guidance
  • Have a ‘cluttered’ energetic field/ mind and are unable to filter the ‘noise’ out

Starting 29th April 2019, this 21 day experience is designed to provide you with the space, tools, knowledge, awareness and accountability to create a daily practice of energy management and hygiene to enable you to:

• Clear your energetic field and raise your vibration

• Embody more of your I AM Presence/ your Divine Light

• Connect to the Highest Vibrational Earth Energies to Manifest your Soul-fuelled Lives

• Stop yourself being an energetic sponge and taking on the lower vibrational energy of others

• Discern what is your ‘stuff’ and what is not so that you can reconnect with and reclaim your truth 

• Recognise energetic interference within your field and you home and then clear and release it

• Clear and release programs within your DNA or energetic cords within your energy field that are draining your energy and blocking your ascension

• Clear and release any vows, oaths, contracts and agreements that are holding you back

• Call in and work with the highest energetic beings/ angelic beings/ dragons/ unicorns / fairies etc to bring forth your greatest and highest good with harm to none


During the 21 day experience you will have access to:

• A private space on facebook for the duration of the course to openly share your experiences and blocks and receive support and guidance

• A space where you are held accountable to your commitments to your self.  

• Pre-recorded sessions sharing tools, wisdom and activations for you to incorporate into your daily practice

• A weekly live interactive webinar hosted by me to answer any questions and provide individual assistance with channeled guidance and healing work

This program is for anyone who wishes to establish or re-establish a daily routine to  enable you to reclaim your truth and stand in your sovereignty.