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Everything in Package A:

A video series – 6 hour workshop of a Consciousness Adventure in Myrtle Beach exploring, working with and understanding the penumbral energy of 2020. 

Each video is in a teachable format including video, activations, worksheets, exercises and meditations. 

Penumbral energy is a space of partial illumination between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light. Penumbral light is toxic shadow energies brought in to create chaos within humanity’s consciousness. This energy brings up shadow emotions, thoughts and beliefs. We can either align with these shadows or we can find the light within. Our mission and purpose of is to burn up the shadow energy in order to secure the light.

  • We will learn how to transform the chaos energy of the penumbral eclipse.
  • We will learn how to transform subtle shadow energy.
  • We will learn to use water and fire, the earthly elements, to dilute and transform the subtle energies of the shadow in the Universe.
  • We will learn to embody the divine light to bring the shadow energy back into balance.  

Join the multi-dimension collective who’s focus and mission is the work through the ascension process, creating a life of we can thrive in.  We work in the collective conscious, creating avenues to potential we have not explored before, create new codes of enlightenment and evolution for humanity. 


A 30 minute private one-on-one Soul Reading with Angela

~ Your session will be focused on identifying blocks, limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and how to move forward.  Clearing of your energy and activating DNA to help you align with your souls passion and purpose.