Own The Mundane to Magical Season 6 Collection


Would you like to own the recordings of the Mundane to Magical Online Summit Series so that you can listen to them offline at a time and place that suites you?


Well here is your opportunity to do just that!


You can OWN THE ENTIRE COLLECTION of Season 6 of the MUNDANE TO MAGICAL series and make it part of your personal ascension reference library.  

With our busy lives and so many other things that we need to do each day I know how difficult it is to make time for yourself whilst the Summit is airing.  

It’s not always possible to listen to every speaker.  And sometimes, even when you do manage to listen to the speakers you feel drawn to listen to the recording again.  

I have often been drawn to listen repeatedly to the interview recordings as there is only so much information we can receive in one go and listening again provides the opportunity to receive a deeper layer of the transformational light-encoded information being shared by the beautiful speakers.

OWNING THE COLLECTION, gives you instant access to downloadable versions of every Conversation, every Guided Journey, every Activation, every Light-encoded Transmission whenever you need it.  These conversations are so high vibrational that when you watch them multiple times, new ‘Aha!’ moments are triggered, making them more and more valuable each time.

        • Each time you re-listen you gain new nuggets of insight and wisdom 

        • Each video interview is downloadable so that you can watch them anytime, anywhere
        • Each interview is light-encoded enabling shifts and AHA moments with each viewing
        • Each time you re-watch the interview you go deeper with the activations