Nora WalksInSpirit Special Offer

Mastering Your Reality

1:1 Healing/ Teaching Session discounted price $175


JOIN the Master Energies of NoraWalksInSpirit and align into the Infinite Masters of Light empowers your hidden Divine Light of how beautiful you truly are.

These Infinite Master energies of Light will elevate your Hearts/Minds/Souls into Peaceful Harmonic Waveforms of Light balancing, aligning and connecting you into Oneness.

Personal Infinite Master Session


40 Minute Personal Healing & Teaching Session via Skype


NoraWalksInSpirit begins all her Sessions with the Highest Vibrations of STILLNESS.

There will be heightened Energies arriving into your Energy Fields as the Masters’ of Multi-Dimensions orchestrate Light Essences of Intelligences onto your Heart/Mind/Soul as Nora speaks and heals you energetic Fields simultaneously.

You, simply begin Breathing IN, Connecting, and then “HOLD” onto the LIGHT Vibration that shall pour within you as Nora aligns/balances/cleanses/ purifies and heals you.

A Word of Knowledge will be delivered to answer any of your questions while the Infinite Masters continually Clear away any low Vibrations trapped in the body and mind/heart.  

A beautiful LOVE Essence Vibration will be poured into the Activation to completely Seal the profound Knowledge delivered.



“Hi Nora, I just wanted to give you a BIG Hug and thank you again. The pain in my left shoulder has totally gone! I will be booking you again real soon.”

Dearest Nora, Thank you for the most unbelievable moments that had with you in that hour of Bliss, I have received the replay, and when I listen to it, I am amazed how I am able to process and rise above with a Column of Light and the work that you did.
It is amazing how I’m really resonating with this and feel I have made a breakthrough – this is bringing tears of joy to my eyes & stillness to my soul!

“Nora, you and your Masters are AMAZING SO AMAZING, so Energetically, Spiraling Uplifting, Shifting my entire body, I simply can’t thank you enough!”

“Thank you so much for the beautiful healing session yesterday.  I have so much gratitude to you and those that work with you for the amazing gifts that are bestowed on me during the session. My heart feels so light with so much joy and love for my life’s purpose. My body feels so much stronger and lighter. Thank you, thank you!”

Hello Nora,

These Teachings are Amazing, the marvel to discover the direct connection of the Soul to the Masters through simplicity and unity!

Your Masters are AMAZING SO AMAZING, So energetically spiraling uplifting, can’t thank you enough!

Thank You so much Nora….I have to say I have learned so much through this experience of your Divine Activations tonight… you are absolute awesome!

“ My Alignment session with Nora was so helpful! As a result of our session, I felt renewed in my dedication to my Presence and received some very helpful guidance to get me past stuck places in my meditation. Most importantly, I had some confusion about how to pursue my own spiritual sovereignty and I left the call clear and excited to move forward. Nora provides gentle guidance to empower clients to become masters on their own path. Highly recommended!! ” Jane F

“ Great session yesterday!! I had asked before the session that the 5 Masters participate and that did happen. I have to say I have learned so much through this experience although a trying one. “ Cynthia V

“Today is the first day I managed to BE fully aware of your voice all the way through, I could feel the Holyness and the Gold. I am Trusting my “Feeling-ness” 😀😀😀😀if that is a

word!! it feels sooo freeing ….unattached to …disconnected from 3d…an expanse of Sacred Stillness. I am soooo looking forward to class number 2 and the work clearing that helps to move ME closer and closer to my Soul.” Thank you, Love Sian x


Nora WalksInSpirit

Nora is born of Algonquin Native Heritage and has been Teaching and Healing for over 20 years.  

Nora works as a “Diamond Light Code Transmitter” to the Multi-Dimensions of Crystal Grid Systems that she Connects and Communicates to a deeper level of Infinite “Oneness Consciousness”

Her Soul’s desire is to Enlighten the world about a deeper level of “Oneness Consciousness” is delivered on various Radio Broadcasts including her own BlogTalkRadio “Stepping Into Mastery”

She is the Author of the Enlightenment Journal and Master Teachings of the “Ascension Series” and “Stepping into Mastery” as well as her latest Series of Master Teachings 9 Codes of Consciousness.  Her Library of Audios and You-tube Videos can be found on her websites  and