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1-1.5hr Karmic Astrology Session

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Karmic Astrology Reading

~ How the Lunar Nodal Analysis Serves Your Soul Path


A 1-1.5hr 1:1 Private Karmic Astrology Session with Maria via zoom 


How the Lunar Node Analysis serves your soul’s path:

  • You will get a deep insight into what your soul decided to work on in this life and learn how to develop the topics of this life-time
  • You will understand the function of the North Node and how to integrate it in your daily life
  • You will be provided with tools to master your imbalances to become the best version of yourself

Maria Fels

Maria  is a Karmic Astrologer, Intuitive Life Coach, Card Reader and Heart Cracker. With a university degree in business administration, Maria supports people with their inner organisational structure.  Her autodidactic studies were in diverse fields of psychology and nonviolent communication. She was also a self-defense teacher and is an interpreter for women living with domestic violence. Singer and nature lover who enjoys communicating with animals.

She is a natural intuitive which enables her to support her clients to the deepest level with a chart reading, card reading or just by talking.

“In the 28 years I have been coaching clients in 5 different languages from different backgrounds and cultures, my challenging life experience has been my greatest educator and I am very grateful for it.”