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Give the Voice of Your Soul Wings – Let YOUR Divine Harmonic Fly FREE!

Many of us have lived a life of silence.  We have spoken and yet silenced ourselves at the same time!  We have been taught to suppress OUR truth, OUR voice OUR Divine Frequencies.  How can we connect to our inner guidance if we don’t allow ourselves to connect to and express that which wants to burst freely from us?!

Through the stifling of our truth, we have stifled our voices and this has often created disharmony within our divine orchestra, our vessel!

Learn to FREE your voice, your own Divine Spectrum of Sound and begin to live your Divine Symphony in all that you do!

Heal the disharmony within you and live in harmony with your individual Divine Frequencies

Want to know what it feels like to free yourself from the bounds of ‘good & bad’ ‘right & wrong’ and let the voice of your soul be heard?

When you sing from your heart, you feel free. Each of us has the potential to sing and give our soul wings! Our voices are a natural part of our bodies, self-contained instruments that are always with us and always available. We literally begin life with a healthy voice that cries out when we’re born! But far too often vocal expression is shut down as we grow up, many of us are convinced that we shouldn’t or can’t sing by a comment from a parent or sibling, a teacher, spouse or friend. Or maybe it’s from our cultural norm of letting famous singers and musicians express emotions for us. Though it’s wonderful to listen to music and let it move you, expressing your own emotions with your own voice is more powerful, and remarkably healing. My mission is to empower you to befriend your voice- for your health, for freedom of expression and for the sheer joy of it.

My goal now is to share my love of singing, to expand your self-expression and show you that your voice is your new best friend. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our families, communities and society encouraged everyone to express themselves through art, singing, toning, writing, dancing? Can you imagine a better world if we didn’t suppress or ignore our self-expression? I can, and I believe we are moving in that direction. I’d be honoured to guide your vocal empowerment… it’s there inside, just waiting to come out!

I believe making friends with your voice will fill you with joy, and give you a new healing tool that will last a lifetime!  Far beyond singing a song or two- the more you use your voice, the easier it is to speak up, express your truth, calm and soothe yourself and expand your creativity. New horizons may open before you that you can’t even imagine yet… so learn to sing and give your soul wings!

Singing Simply From Your Soul

~ Free Your Natural Voice ~


Learn how to free your natural voice with simple exercises anyone can do
Experience the healing energy of a Chakra Toning Session with Crystal Singing Bowls
The Benefits of Freeing Your Voice
  • stimulate the Vagus Nerve
  • increase creativity
  • calm, soothe & relax
  • improve posture, breathing & blood-flow
  • activate Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • balance the Chakras
  • create new neural pathways in your brain
  • raise your physical vibration
  • connect people
  • encourage self-expression, speaking your truth
  • boost your immune system
  • promote community bonding
  • generate healing energy
  • increase your self-confidence





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You will receive:

A 2 hour Live Singing & Toning Group Session (with recording)

Saturday, October 16 @ 11:00am MDT, Mountain Time







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You will receive:

2 hour Live Singing & Toning Group Session (with recording)

Saturday, October 16 @ 11:00am MDT, Mountain Time

30 Minute Private Session with Linda


“Magical! What a beautiful experience with a wonderful person. I can’t wait for the next session.”  Denise C

“I took private voice lessons twice monthly with Linda for nearly two years and had a fabulous experience She is very positive, supportive and enjoyable to work with. I appreciated that she was flexible and worked with me in helping me focus and meet my personal goals, at my own pace. I also liked that she had occasional optional, add-on classes that allow a student to experience singing in front of a group and work towards a performance (if that is your goal).” Steve M

“Linda is such an experienced, patient, and personable singing instructor! I feel really lucky to have found her! Her expertise and comforting nature make singing with foundation, and with an audience like herself, extremely enjoyable and relaxing for me, especially since I’m a very novice singer! I feel my singing voice getting better and better with every one of Linda’s lessons!” Amanda T

“Voice lessons with Linda have a healing element that is further opening this channel of expression for me. We had a toning session during which we worked from root to crown chakra. There was a resonance in my body that felt soothing and the very next lesson I was able to relax further and spontaneously play with song, working straight through mistakes to keep finding the sound I wished to make; something that’s been an obstacle previously. Thanks!!”  Therese P

“Linda is an excellent teacher! Even as someone who previously had no formal voice training and who is extremely shy about singing in front of other people, I immediately felt comfortable with her. She knows her stuff, but her lessons are relaxed, structured to your needs/preferences, and feedback and guidance are always given kindly. She meets you where you are, always.  Her SongShare small-group classes are the same way, there are just more people involved. They are a wonderful way to get some experience performing solo, receive positive and/or constructive feedback (always your choice which you’d like to hear) from the group, and enjoy making music with others on group songs in addition to your solo(s). I can’t recommend  Linda highly enough!”  Cindy S

“I so thoroughly appreciate the work Linda did with me in opening up my voice…and all the amazing benefits that come with that! Thank you Linda!”  Erina C


Linda Lewellyn

Linda Lewellyn has taught voice & Chakra Toning for 28 years in Boulder, Colorado & Online. She holds 2 BAs in Music & in The Psychology of Health & Healing from Naropa University. Linda is a Certified Member of the Sound Healers Association, Certified Level II Reiki, and has been singing professionally for over 40 years.

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Facebook:  Voice with Linda Lewellyn

Instagram: @Lewellyn_Linda