✨It’s not about letting EVERYTHING go but letting go of our ATTACHMENTS that matters!✨✨

This just came through me and I felt it important to share.

We are being called to clear the density within that is holding us back from our highest next level however, sometimes it’s not about letting everything go but letting go of our attachment to things that counts.

What do I mean?

When I was in Colombia in a moment of pure connection and bliss I stated to the Universe that I was ‘Open to ALL Possibilities and Opportunities!’

Sounds good right?

But what does it really mean?

I was basically stating to the Universe and therefore drawing towards me opportunities to experience…

Being Open to ALL possibilities – ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’

I am of course speaking in terms of duality that the Ego understands.

When I was sat on the plane flying home it suddenly struck me what I had done! Panic overwhelmed me as I realised that this could mean that I am open to losing everything….
my relationship
my home
my money
my life…. everything!

The thing that I have come to realise over the past 2 years is that it’s not necessarily about HAVING to lose everything but letting go of the ATTACHMENT to everything that limits you.

What limits you?

EVERYTHING you determine your identity, health and wellbeing by.

I used to think that my relationships defined me, I used to think that my job, status, money, where I lived, whether I could afford holidays etc defined ME.

Who I was!

It is our attachment to things that holds us back.

We live in a physical world and therefore require certain fundamental things within that physical world to live.

But I am being told that too is a belief caught up in the 3D/4D consciousness and that in 5D consciousness even the so called fundamentals are not required. However I feel this is too deep for this conversation and some of the audience so, back on track!

During this Lionsgate portal I experienced a moment I haven’t experienced since my relationship with my ex-husband. It was not as strong or as long lasting but it was there.

The sheer panic that my partner was going to end the relationship!

It was fleeting but it was there! My response was immediately to think ‘WOW! That’s interesting!’ I tuned in and the relationship still felt in alignment. But it showed me that I still carried some attachment to the belief that my relationship with my partner determined my wellbeing.

This Lionsgate portal is not calling for me to end the relationship but to let go of the attachment to it. To free both myself and my partner from ‘having’ to be in the relationship due to fear of being alone (or some other outdated belief) and allow us both to be in it because we both ‘wanted’ to and because it feels good.

This little ‘reminder’ from the Universe was to let me look at where I was limiting myself, what I was not allowing my self to do because I feared it would affect my relationship.

Where I was putting the relationship above my soul’s journey and purpose.

This is just one example and I’m sure there are many others to beautifully unfold so that I can shift onto my next highest level.

We are still in the time of preparation and shall be for another year at least as we move into the energies to come in 2020 and beyond.


This is an opportunity to look at your attachments and what is holding you back from being ALL that you Are!

What attachments are you being asked to let go of?

In Love, Light & Service,