Jynnette Lewis’s Special Offer


Special Offer Package with Jynnette Lewis


Are you curious about learning how to work with the angels?

Do you already have some familiarity but want to expand your knowledge?


The Working With Angels course will take you on a journey of connection, healing, and creating with the Archangels. You will also learn about elements, flowers, incense, and more that work best with each angel. The course provides 8 short, recorded video classes of instruction, guided meditations with the angels (approx 20 min), and accompanying worksheets. Note: these videos are view-only not downloadable.

The Archangels you’ll be introduced to are:

Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Haniel, Tzadkiel

After taking this course you will have increased your ability to connect with the Archangelic Realm, you will have a more intimate relationship with a few Archangels, and you will have added to your spiritual team!

Special Offer – Only $50


Jynnette Lewis

Jynnette Lewis is an oracle, energy healer, and spiritual mentor who works with lightworkers, womxn entrepreneurs, activists, and artists to leverage their influence for radical social change and in healing trauma-informed behavior. Her journey started over 25 years ago when as a young child, she began to experience episodes of spontaneous samadhi. After a life-altering interaction with Archangel Gabriel she delved into Reiki, Yoga, gnostic Christianity, buddhism/taoism, metaphysics, and more. In October 2012 she received a vision of my ascension during a past incarnation and her choice to return to the planet to support the collective Ascension work.

She specializes in operating as an oracle– a direct connection to the Divine–receiving profound wisdom, love, joy, and truth to share with all those with whom she is privileged to work. She downloads information through Tarot, Astrology, the Archangels, and Higher Dimensional Beings. She works with the Crystal Kingdom and have a natural affinity for working with the color rays and elementals. She also facilitates classes & workshops on astrology, tarot, and spiritual & personal development.

Connect with Jynnette at: www.innersunalchemy.com