Beloved light tribe

As we get ready to step across the threshold from 2018 to 2019 we often find ourselves reflecting on the year that has gone before.

For me 2018 started with the death of my mother and the release from our long standing (over many lifetimes) karmic contract.  Although this experience was filled with sadness there was also a real sense of liberation.  This years’ energies especially those through the summer with the eclipses were powerful and at times overwhelming.  And I know many people were feeling it all even if they didn’t fully understand or appreciate what was taking place.

So many people who had been asleep to who they truly are felt the call to start their awakening process back to remembering.  And I have felt truly blessed to assist so many people on their personal journeys of awakening this year.  To assist people with their internal work to clear their fields of everything that was blocking them to living their truth and spiritually evolve into who they truly are within this physical world.

So, firstly, I would like you all to take a moment to reflect on your journey this year.  Where you were at the start of 2018 and where you are now; emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, professional, your relationships with others, your relationship with self, everything!  The important thing however is, that this is to be done from love.  No judgment!  Many of you may feel that you are not where you want to be in your life and that’s perfectly ok!  In fact, it IS perfect, because in each moment you are EXACTLY where you are meant to be and the journey your soul has intended for you to take in this lifetime is panning out just as it is meant too.  When we focus too much on ‘the end result’ we are aiming for we miss out on so much of the journey it takes to get there and in all honestly, it really isn’t about the ‘end location’ it is ALL about the journey.  It is about allowing ourselves to fully experience each moment, each thought, each feeling and choice that we make.

2018 has often times felt like a whirlwind, storms blowing up in our lives leaving us feeling overwhelmed and questioning.  The universe/ our soul has brought specific situations, people into our reality, as have the choices we have made in our past (karma) so that we can shine the light on our shadows (those things we have buried deep within ourselves that are ready to be released).  Awareness has been the key energy for 2018.  If you aren’t aware of the wound you can’t heal it!

As we enter 2019 there shall be more of the same.  2019 is a year of purging that which is not in alignment with our TRUTH in preparation for 2020 and beyond.  This is a year of completion, completion of many cycles, completion of the work started in the years that came before.  2019 is a year for SELF-MASTERY, SOVEREIGNTY and for us to ask ourselves the following:

Who do I want to be?

Where do I want to be?

Where am I currently and do I like it?

How did I get to where I am now?

Do I want to change any areas of my life?

In order to assist you on this reflective journey I have channeled a guided visualisation that reconnects you with your highest aspect fo self, clears away any energetic clutter in your field that may be blocking your ability to answer these questions honestly and bring you the clarity and focus you require to assist you through this year of completion of purging so that this time next year you are in the perfect place to start a new era!

This visualisation is my gift to you as we step into the energy of 2019.  Allow yourself to go on this light encoded journey to connect with your highest aspect of self, releasing that which is holding you back, raising your vibration and connecting you with the clarity and focus you desire so that you can view your life from a higher perspective.

To guide you through 2019, this powerful year where we are being called evermore to; reconnect to our personal truth, to be authentic and to live our lives with integrity, here are a few themes for us to look at:
  • Be true to yourself!
    Listen to you body, your inner guidance and take action in alignment with your truth rather than the truth of others or what you have been previously taught or told.
  • Expect the unexpected!
    This could feel like a bumpy ride, let go of judgment and open your heart.  Drop into trust knowing that whatever is showing up in your reality is there for reason and there to be released so that you can stand in your sovereignty.  See any challenges as beautiful opportunities to upgrade!
  • Keep it simple!
    De-clutter your energetic field and your lives.  Make space for your self to expand into.  Remember everything is a mirror.  What you see on the outside reflects your internal landscape and vice versa.  Physically de-cluttering your home, your lifestyle can make positive changes to your internal energetic landscape, your thoughts and emotions.  Ask yourself ‘What do I NEED?’ and disregard everything else.
  • Open your heart!
    Self-love, self-nurture and self-nourishment are all essential and beneficial for us this year.  Let go of co-dependant relationships, you don’t NEED anything outside of yourself.  When you love yourself unconditionally you are open to letting unconditional love in.
  • Release that which no longer serves!
    Don’t be afraid to take a good, honest look at what is no longer in alignment.  Remember change is the only constant and it’s ok for you to think, feel, be different from who you were last year or 5 minutes ago.
  • The Divine Feminine is rising!
    Regardless of whether you have incarnated as male or female, the Divine Feminine energy is on the rise.  Allow yourself to come into balance by healing the feminine wound.  What is your perception of the ‘feminine energy’?  This is usually born from our relationships with our mothers, again without judgement allow yourself to fully explore this.   Allow yourself to balance the masculine and feminine energies within you, allow yourself to be open, receptive, allow the pure potential energy that is the divine feminine, the creation energy before the creation event to flow within you!  Develop healthy personal boundaries, trust and respect for self and others.
  • Be the bridge!
    Heal your wound of individualisation, separation from Source.  It is an illusion.  Allow yourself to fully reconnect and embrace your self as a powerful spiritual being in a human form.  We are not here to be powerful spiritual meditators, it’s about walking this earth as our highest aspect of self whilst being human.  Allow yourself to discover your divinity and be liberated from the veil of illusion that currently surrounds us.  To live in alignment with your TRUTH  you need to heal your wounds.  This year is about dealing with our own S**T!  This takes time and work, don’t rush it.  Everything is perfect and in perfect timing.
  • No-one is Nobody, Everyone is Somebody!
    You are Enough and you are far stronger than you give yourself credit for.  You can do it, you came here to do it!  Allow any wounds of competition, having to be right all the time or having to prove yourself to heal.  We all matter.  When we accept ourselves fully, warts and all we and see ourselves as important enough to have our needs met or to have healthy boundaries we become the catalyst for others to embody change.  We all matter!  When we allow our lights to shine, we become incredible change makers in the world!
  • Be careful what you manifest!
    The energy this year is moving forward fast!  Take responsibility for what you are creating in your reality.  Understand what it is you want to create/ manifest and then take steps to do this with every thought, emotion and action.  Our experience of life is directly connected to what we put in at the start.  e.g. Our health in old age is directly related to what we did with our bodies, hearts and minds during our earlier years.  If you want change, you have to BE the change.
  • The time is NOW!
    2019 is a year of endings, part of the death – rebirth cycle.  This is particularly true for me as 2019 is a ‘9’ year for me numerologically speaking.  The planetary alignment of Pluto indicates that this is a year for completion before the new phase begins.  We are leaving the age of Capricorn and moving into Aquarius.  Pluto is all about evolution, we have to change, structures in our lives that are no longer in alignment have to change.  I certainly felt this quite extremely last year resulting in me leaving a secure, highly paid corporate role to step fully into alignment with my spiritual journey.  This is a year to become self-aware and self-responsible ready for 2020 and beyond!  But is doesn’t have to be hard, joy can be found when you do the work that is in alignment to your truth.  Joy is found in authentic self-expression.

As this is a special festive period and to assist our journeys through 2019 I have also channeled a special visualisation to activate the threefold flame of Divine Will, Divine Wisdom and Divine Love within our heart centres which then activates the flame of Divine Truth.

Wishing you all the best of years ahead!

May 2019 see you reconnecting to the truth of who you are a beautiful powerful co-creator of your own reality.  May you travel through the purging and cleansing of the old with ease and grace and find yourself at this point next year in the blessed position of embodying your highest aspect of self, your truth and sovereignty within your physical form, radiating your love, light and truth in the world.

And So It Is…

With so much love and many blessings,