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Peter Tongue


Peter has generously provided a a meditation as his free gift for the Mundane to Magical Community.  

Shedding the Old to Welcome in the New!


Private 1:1 Gene Keys Spiritual Counselling Session

PACKAGE  includes:

    • Introductory Video to help you navigate your Golden Path (20mins)
    • 1hr Private 1:1 Session on Your Personal Gene Key Profile

Value: $140.00

Your Price $111.00

Discount: 21% – YOU SAVE $29.00

Marilyn Alauria

Marilyn Alauria


Marilyn is generously offering the Mundane to Magical Community her Discover The Pillars Of Soul Alignment as a FREE GIFT:
  • FREE Video Lesson To Get Back In Touch With Joy & Passion + Shift Your World Through Your Subconscious Thinking
  • Get back on track toward living a life with peace, joy, and fulfillment
  • Unlock your inner guidance system to help you make decisions that bring you success
  • Receive the Star System for Success download
  • Receive the first lesson of The SASS Experience Free! You’ll learn the pillars to living in soul alignment… to help you create a magical life.


Marilyn is offering her highly acclaimed ‘The SASS Experience LIVE!’ at a greatly reduced price as her Special Offer for the Mundane to Magical Community.

The live SASS Experience runs March 14 – 22 and can only be purchased before this date.

Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • 9 Days of LIVE experience with training and support inside a private community to fast-track your path forward.
  • Laser coaching to help you quickly break through stuckness
  • Life-changing exercises to clear the muck and help you begin living the life of your dreams. (Don’t worry. It’s fun.)
  • 24/7 access to the private Facebook group (during the SASS Experience) where you can receive extra support and connect with others on this path
  • Q&A to get your questions answered so you know exactly how to move forward in 2021
  • Replays of live events available until March 26th, 2021
  • BONUS: Live Your Best Life Yet Using a Day in The Life Class
  • BONUS: Early access to the facebook group and opportunities for laser coaching

Value: $297

Special Offer October 2020 only: $97

Discount: 67% – YOU SAVE $200

Adalina East

Adalina East


Adalina is generously offering two Special offer Packages to the Mundane to Magical Community.

Package A

Divine Guiding Light Course

A 5-part channeled course

Moving through the old timelines of the Piscean age, fraught with hierarchies, compassionless endeavors and the go, go, go mentality was challenging for many. This new era, the Aquarian age, is the time for healers, channels and all those with spiritual gifts to come to the forefront, receive new communities and work those seeking to raise their vibration.

This course, designed for light beings, was channeled to support all who are seeking, healing, channeling and moderating the vibration for the human collective. The Guides bring through channeled messages about this time of transition, perfectly aligning you to your highest purpose during this time. Activations and processes will be channeled through to remove the cobwebs of your mind, and allow you to fully dive into your heartspace.

Bringing forth their Divine Guidance, the Mary Magdalene collective, Archangel Michael, the Pleiadians, the Arcturians and Lemurians will be with us every step of the way, creating beautiful, holographic imprints of our souls as we join together and move forward to create change in this world. In this 5-part course, you can expect to hear from each group individually about their perspective during these uncertain times, as well as clear and concrete guidance for moving into the future.

Archangel Michael, the Lemurians and the Atlanteans take us through numerous Transformational Healing processes, as we wade through the various incidences and synchronicities that made us who we are today. Together, we will heal past traumas and learn step by step processes to let go and love with detachment.

In the last two modules of the course, the Pleiadians work with us to develop strong ties with our Guides, integrating other relationships with Spirit Guides and allowing the energy of these interactions to take us into our future New Earth.

You will also be sent a link to join the Facebook group where you can ask questions and meet like-minded souls on this journey with you.

The Pleiadians take the lead and ask us to follow. Will you?


Value: $197

Special Offer: $144

Discount: 27% – YOU SAVE $53


Package B – $333

Divine Guiding LightCourse PLUS Private Session with Adalina

5-part channeled Divine Guiding Light Course (same info as above)


55 Minute Private Session with Adalina


Value: $497

Special Offer: $333

Discount: 33% – YOU SAVE $164

carol nayach

Carol Nayach


Carol is generously offering a weekend retreat of live meditations as her FREE GIFT to the Mundane to Magical Community.
Join Carol and the Arcturians on a weekend of live meditations, activations, discussions and teachings to expand your self awareness, accelerate your ascension journey and work on planetary healing for Gaia and Humanity with other Lightworkers. 
Day 1 focuses on personal work and current issues on your ascension journey. A Q&A session in a trusted, safe environment of like-minded people and teachings which come out of those will be a segway for a series of meditations through which the  Arcturians help us heal any blocks and obstacles through their energetic processes and inner journey in a series of meditations. 
Day 2, following yesterdays clearings, upgrades, teachings and activations, focuses on expanding into the collective consciousness and working with Gaia for the betterment of the world and humanity, through anchoring Arcturian cities of Light. 

March Arcturian Weekend:
Saturday, 03/06, 2-6pm GMT
Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction energies.
Our 4 hour session of Q&As, Meditations and Arcturian teachings.

Sunday, 03/07, 4-6pm GMT
Arcturian Planetary Healing with the
Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction energies.

ZOOM access link for both events:
password: Arcturus

*Regular price £40; free ONLY for Mundane to Magical Living summit’s audience. 


Karen La grange

Special Offer

Energise Your Life for High-Vibrational 5D Living with Customized Crystalline Charging Plates, Coasters, Pyramids, Energy Clearings, and now ~ New ~ Dragons!



You Will Also Receive These
Crystal Clearing Items

Bonus 1: Clearing Negative Thoughts from Others  MP3 – Value: $35  Runtime: 6 Minutes

Bonus 2: Clearing Your Home  MP3 – Value: $35  Runtime: 7 Minutes

Bonus 3: Clearing Your Food  MP3 – Value: $35  Runtime: 5 Minutes

Bonus 4: Releasing Negativity Around Love  MP3 – Value: $35  Runtime: 7 Minutes

Bonus 5: 40-Minute Live Group Crystal Matrix Clearing  Via Phone Conference Service  Value: $100


  • 1 Crystal Matrix Dragon
  • 4 Crystal Clearings MP3s
  • 1 Live Group Call with Karen

Value: $197.00

Your Price $137.00

Discount: 30% – YOU SAVE $60.00



  • Personal Custom Pyramid designed to Your Personal Energy

  • 4 Crystal Clearings MP3’s

  • 1 Live Group Call with Karen

Your Price $147.97



  • Charging Plate

  • 4 Crystal Clearings MP3’s

  • 1 Live Group Call with Karen

Value: $387.00

Your Price $97.00

Discount: 75% – YOU SAVE $290.00



  • Charging Coaster

  • Charging Plate

  • 4 Crystal Clearings MP3’s

  • 1 Live Group Call with Karen

Value: $484.00

Your Price $147.00

Discount: 70% – YOU SAVE $337.00



  • Custom Personal Pyramid

  • Charging Coaster

  • Charging Plate

  • 4 Crystal Clearings MP3’s

  • 1 Live Group Call with Karen

Value: $741.00

Your Price $297.00

Discount: 60% – YOU SAVE $444.00



  • A 30-Minute Session with Karen

  • Custom Personal Pyramid

  • Charging Coaster

  • Charging Plate

  • 4 Crystal Clearings MP3’s

  • 1 Live Group Call with Karen

Value: $916.00

Your Price $377.00

Discount: 59% – YOU SAVE $539.00



  • A 30-Minute Session with Karen

  • 4 Crystal Clearings MP3’s

  • 1 Live Group Call with Karen

Value: $415.00

Your Price $97.00

Discount: 77% – YOU SAVE $318.00

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Nicolas David Ngan


Nicolas is very generously offering for ONE person from the Mundane to Magical Community to receive a Soul Contract Birth + Overlay Reading with Nicolas (worth £244 (US$315), for you to become better prepared for what is unfolding this year.

I will be creating a Prize Draw to determine who receives this FREE GIFT.  The draw will be held after the replay period ends on Wednesday 10th March 2021.

For anyone who is interested in the opportunity in receiving this amazing reading with Nicolas please email me at: with the subject heading “Nicolas FREE GIFT Draw!

sanjay nimar

Sanjay Nimar


Sanjay is generously offering a Live Webinar: Heal Deep Fears and Childhood Traumas to the Mundane to Magical Community.

Description: We live in a world that is overwhelmed with fear. Fear is a highly creative negative force. Fear is an energy that keeps attracting more and more fear. It is the energy that creates ALL forms of challenges in life. This workshop is about how we can effectively transform fear into love in order to start thriving in life. There will be special methods and techniques presented along with deep wisdom which will enable you to transform your life from Surviving to Thriving.

    • Learn the several layers of consciousness that generate our “reality”.
    • How we pick up fear patterns as “Core Wounds” at a very young age.
    • How we adopt “coping” mechanisms to deal with core wounds.
    • How these layers start to show up in our physical body as chronic diseases.
    • The types of unhealthy strategies that a person picks up to survive.
    • How to change and adopt healthier beliefs and habits in order to thrive.
    • The spiritual lessons behind all these challenges.
    • How to use these challenges in your favor.
    • A Healing energy will be transmitted during the entire workshop.
    • Q&A

The greater your understanding how our consciousness creates our reality, the more in control you will have over the direction of your life.

Special Offer

Lifetron Healing Package

PACKAGE A includes:

30 days of 24 hours Lifetron energy healing

Your Price – 1st person: $147

Each additional Person or Pet: $77

Value: $250 (first person) / $150 (additional person/pet)

1st Person Discount: 59% – YOU SAVE $103

Additional Person/ Pet Discount: 51% – YOU SAVE $73


PACKAGE B includes

A 30 Minute One to One Private Session with Sanjay

Value $200

Your Price $127

Discount: 64% – YOU SAVE $73

Macaya Miracle

Macaya Miracle


Macaya is generously offering two Special offer Packages to the Mundane to Magical Community.

Package A

Ascend to Infinite Consciousness 

19 MP3’s and a BONUS PDF

  • Multi-dimensional Cosmic Activation Series
    7MP3’s runtime 7hrs 39mins
  • Your Infinite Self Activation Series 
    6MP3’s runtime 7hrs 34mins
  • Crystalline Activation Series
    7MP3’s runtime 7hrs 19mins
  • Bonus Pdf – Rich and Race Tools Kick Start Manual

Value: $1850

Special Offer: $127

Discount: 93% – YOU SAVE $1723


Package B – $197

Ascend to Infinite Consciousness Package A PLUS Private Session with Macaya

19 MP3’s and a BONUS PDF

  • Multi-dimensional Cosmic Activation Series
    7MP3’s runtime 7hrs 39mins
  • Your Infinite Self Activation Series 
    6MP3’s runtime 7hrs 34mins
  • Crystalline Activation Series
    7MP3’s runtime 7hrs 19mins
  • Bonus Pdf – Rich and Race Tools Kick Start Manual


30 Minute Private Session with Macaya via Zoom or Skype


Value: $2050

Special Offer: $197

Discount: 90% – YOU SAVE $1853

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Cristen Lyn Jacobsen


Akasha is generously offering the Mundane to Magical Community her ‘Abundance Alignment Meditation’ as her FREE GIFT.  
Abundance Alignment Audio with special Akasha music remix
Reclaim your Abundance!
Want to realign with the field of abundance?
Do you feel stuck, limited or stagnant?
Is Lack mentality dominating your mind and emotions?
Are you ready to open yourself to more and not sure how?
This beautiful guided Abundance activation is a cleansing, healing and realignment to the field and flow of the energy of Abundance. Receive more abundance in your physical, mental, emotional, relational and financial levels No matter what you have experienced there is a way to soften the blocks, open the flow, reconnect to the infinite and disconnect from LACK.
Realign with your abundance!


Akasha is offering 2 Special Offer Packages for the Mundane to Magical Community

Package A

Live Private Soul Reading with Akasha (60 Min)

Value $197

Your Price $167 

Discount: 15% – YOU SAVE $30

Package B

The Abundance Awakening  

Which includes:
The Abundance Awakening

The Abundance Awakening
A multisensory multidimensional, multimedia course to give you powerful, deep and daily tooks to free ourself form lack and align with your personal flow of abundance for just what you most want.

These includes my own music remixes to help deepen the audio and video experiences as they rewire and release you. 

1 – The Energy of Abundance: a 30-minute Video on what Abundance really is and how to align with it now in the transforming energies and breakdowns that appear to be creating “lack” yet are doorways to an abundant life.

2 – Abundant Vision: A 45 minute guided Visualization & Attraction Process. A guided audio activation with music so you can repeat it often and align with your personal path of abundance that awakens your senses and imprints your vision of your abundant Life. Awakens the 360 senses to add power to your manifestations.

3 – Infinite Abundance Activation – a 60 minute guided multi-dimensional audio experience into the field of Abundance to reconnect to your optimal flow of abundance. This is a shamanic-style journey that includes energy healing, block dissolving, and awakening of your senses and new lines of communication with your higher self and the field of infinite possibilities.

4 – Abundance Awakening Mind & Belief Rewiring Audio: A powerful and simple to use belief transformation audio with abundance declarations you listen to a repeat when you walk, sleep or work. (30 min audio )with music.

5 –  Abundance Manifesting manual: An instruction video and a bundle of printable PDF Playsheets to use to rewire lack mindset and beliefs, identify soul and ancestral lack patterns and blocks and focus on clarity and flow where you most choose to direct the flow of abundance. Imprint new abundant beliefs

6 – PLUS! LIVE Abundance Messages with Akasha on April 5 -come and ask anything, share and receive a channeled in the moment Abundance Message (personally and for the group). We will alignment you to the optimal flow for you! (Recorded and added to your downloads for future relistening).

Bonus Audio – Instant Access:
1 – Access Your Abundance Meditation – Instant Download Now

Bonus for Instant Access:
1 – Access Your Abundance Meditation – Instant Download ($15) ( see it here )
Value $197
Your Price $97
Discount 51% – YOU SAVE $100
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Cristen Lyn Jacobsen


Cristen is generously offering the Mundane to Magical Community her ‘Unified Chakra and Soul’ Meditation as her FREE GIFT.  
To Access the meditation click the link below and click ‘Purchase’.  Then use the code MAGIC5 in the discount code box at the checkout.


Cristen is offering 20% off any one service using code Magic21 at the checkout

Discount: 20%


Louise Matson


I am guided to share 2 light encoded activations to assist in traversing these challenging and enlightening, transformational times.

Activation 1 ~ Becoming a Clear Channel to the Divine YOU

A Light Encoded Guided Activation Journey to Assist You to Unhook From The Energetic Attachments to ‘Ego FM’ and the 3rd Dimensional Communication Constructs and Dial Into ‘Divine FM’ as a Clear Channel.

Activation 2 ~ Reclaim Your Divine Essence

A light encoded guided visualisation to gain awareness to where your energy is fragmented and spread across the many different aspects of your multi-dimensional being and to be able to reclaim your divine essence/ your power to be the full embodiment of your original divine blueprint in physical form.

M2M5 package a&b

Louise Matson



Package A

60 Min 1:1 Healing & Guidance Session PLUS Complete Season 5 Interviews

    • Downloadable Recording of 1:1 Session
    • Downloadable Video & Audio Formats of Every Season 4 Interview 

Value: $218

Your Price: $140

Discount: 65% – YOU SAVE $78

Package B

60 Min 1:1 Healing & Guidance Session PLUS 90 Min Soul Contract Reading Session

    • Downloadable Recording of 60 Min 1:1 Session
    • Downloadable Recording of 90 Min Soul Contract Feedback Session plus pdf files of Soul Contract Chart and how to unlock your gifts and talents. 

Value: $375

Your Price: $280

Discount: 75% – YOU SAVE $95