If you want to shine your Light you have to face and embrace your Shadow!


One thing I have learned over the past 3 years is…

If you want to shine your Light you have to face and embrace your Shadow.

A lot of people just want to connect with the light within and I can fully connect with that.

For many years of my life I denied the ‘darker’ aspects of my personality and human-ness and tried to just live in Love & Light.

But what we suppress we feed and give power to.

Because you want to keep it hidden from yourself and others it controls how you allow yourself to be and thus blocks your authenticity.

To shine your light means integrating and honouring all aspects of your self.

Allowing yourself to be your authentic self in all areas of your life.

Shadow work is the work of shining the light of awareness on those aspects that have laid hidden within yourself.

Those aspects you wish to deny or repress. Those aspects that are so hidden within yourself that you may not be consciously aware of them.

You may ask, well how to I become aware of my shadow if they are completely subconscious?

Hint: Your outer reality is a reflection of your internal landscape.

We all have to start somewhere. I started by literally making a list of everyone who had triggered me in my life and the qualities of their personality that triggered me.

Then I worked through the list and with RADICAL HONESTY looked at myself and where those qualities lay within me. Then it was and continues to be a process of RADICAL SELF-ACCEPTANCE and SELF-LOVE.

To fully stand in your light means RADICAL SELF-LOVE. To love yourself fully and wholly.

A lot of people want to bypass this work and go straight to the light but unfortunately this is missing the point of the ascension process.

We cannot bypass ‘doing the work’!

I have been working with my shadow for some time now. Becoming aware of it, acknowledging it, owning it, accepting it, loving it and releasing the power it has over me.

Recently I have been releasing more and more layers of the core issues that are blocking me from shining my light fully.

In part we are all being drawn to do this with the planetary transits and the energies hitting the planet and our light bodies at this auspicious time in Earth’s history.

This week more and more layers of my core wounds and shadow have surfaced for investigation, acceptance and integration.

I have had some challenging moments I won’t lie.

But in each of those moments I have followed the guidance of my body and my soul to breath into them, surrender, not distract myself, not try to minimise the intensity, judge or heal but to accept and BE with whatever thoughts, emotions, physical sensations that came through.

Then afterwards in those periods of calm. Reflect, Contemplate, Meditate.

The energies at the moment may be bringing A LOT of stuff up to the surface and you may be feeling the intensity of shadow thoughts and emotions rising.

You may be finding yourself more sensitive to the energies around you, more easily triggered by people, situations etc.

And it may at times feel REALLY overwhelming.

But the biggest thing that has helped me through these moments is the deeper knowing of what was really happening.

I wasn’t going mad, I wasn’t losing my mind, I wasn’t dying!….

I was clearing and releasing, upgrading, taking back my power and integrating more aspects of me.

I was becoming WHOLE!

Safe travels on your journey wherever it is taking you in this NOW moment.

And remember…

This Too Shall Pass!

Everything is Perfect and In Perfect Timing

The Universe NEVER Gives You More Than You Can Handle. You Are Stronger Than You Realise.

You Are Loved and You Are Not Alone. Ask For Assistance, Ask For Guidance And Be Open To Receive.

Express Your Truth!

I have learned on this journey to trust that it is safe to express my truth. To trust that there are those around me that I can share my darkest moments with and who will not judge me.

I have learned to be open to allow myself to receive the support, guidance and assistance I need in each NOW moment.


In Love, Light & Service ?✨