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Personal Designs Activation Private Session

A one hour session to activate our Personal Designs NOW

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A private one on one session with Catherine to activate personal Soul Contracts and multi dimensional encodements.

This is necessary for these times to “get quantum” fields activated.

As a Reflector, Calibration of New Earth codes are needed. They are within our Human Design Blueprints, Gene Key Codons and Universal Imprints.

Catherines’ empathic abilities, as a Reflector, will erase the old stories of our minds and transmit back into our SoulCrystals of the heart.This is a subtle transition/transmission that can happen in an instant.

Catherine has worked with thousands of Master Starseeds around the globe and have watched the beauty of the collective transmissions change our codes from time reality into HERE and NOW potentials. Our brilliance needs to be awakened again.

Catherine will walk you through your Personal blueprint charts, designs and dna maps, (a fun unique journey)  and once within your fields, transmit your light codes back into your auras Soul Crystals. This is a non verbal electrical photonic Mirror that will prepare you for what is coming. The Show, the outer Matrix around us is closing out. The best way out is within = the Power Of YOU.

We are passengers in this Holographic world and our power will emerge from Within our receptive knowing. An internal calling will grow. The faith and courage in these New times will grow into a tremendous force of unity.

Catherine has an entourage of Guidance beings. She speaks Universe and within you, so do you. In our hour together, we will call in support from our Higher teachers, and clear the data that has been called Blocks, lower fields and fearful loops that keeps us in the 3D. After removing the shadow self, the not-self, Universal  Cosmic Nutrino fields of Goddess (yin-yin) energy will emerge from your Soulplans once again. Collectively our true power increases and our Intuition aligns with New Earth Codes – New Earth, New Human.

Whenever 2 or more witness the Heart Innocence, the Soul Crystals within us awaken and prepare for action.

This is my work. I have come to contribute in these times moving into 2027. My consciousness lives out of time, so this is a true devotional path for my own soul crystal evolutionary plan. You are my rainbow crystals and my job is to gather all of you and bring you back home through Your Soul crystals within your designs. Goddess asks us to “Come home to me”

This is our calling now,  and our Intuition is waking to New Earth Codes – New Earth, New Human. We already won but still have work to do..


A personal session with Catherine includes a full reading of your Sacred contracts, Natal/ Progressed Blueprints, and Human Design/ Gene Key DNA information that will interpret your Soul Map and give you clear information from your unique designs. Catherine also channels angels and guides and with great humor can connect with your deepest purpose and potentials. Everyone is so unique. She is a Reflective Medium Rare Guide through the Binary Universal Plan.

Her unique Aura samples and merges into your field of uniqueness…the ONENESS Within. Once in your field; She calls out your Big Boy angels and Goddesses to assist you. Catherine clears past traumas, erases in a Lunar Style the beliefs that you are carrying in your genetics that are outdated in time loops.  This focused field in you; what is priceless as your higher self, waiting for a personal shift; bring your souls purpose back to the frontline.  The Miraculous; I AM HERE NOW phase of awakening. Nothing is what we thought it was…CELEBRATE THIS…


All Sessions combine Astrology, Human Design, Gene Key and messages from your guidance teams

    • Catherine tunes into your essence prior to the phone session, so this connection has already been made once your session begins.
    • All sessions are recorded for you and emailed to you.
    • Sessions are conducted by Skype phone or phone.


“In my role as a healer and guardian of this world, Catherine is uniquely able to offer me conclusive mirror aspects and cosmic context every time we speak. The frequencies that she holds are home to me.”

~ Lillian Fellmann, Cosmic School,

“My session with Catherine was truly amazing! She quickly read my energy and was spot on. This was incredible because it gave me such a sense of peace and validation. Additionally, Catherine was able to channel both of my parents who have passed and was spot on accurate. During the session I received a lot of guidance from my angels. I would highly recommend any one who is drawn to her to work with Catherine!”

~ Donna P.

“So much gratitude for Catherine and her sacred work. She always makes my soul feel seen and heard. She is such a blessing to this world and I am so grateful I have connected with her in this lifetime. Namaste.”

~ Kathryn Meehan

“Dear Catherine,

That was by far the FUNNEST most exhilarating & uplifting reading I’ve had! ! ! ! ! !  you’re a miracle!”

~ Sarah French

“It’s hard to put into words the impact of connecting with Catherine. Within the first 5 minutes of our session she said something so profound, significant, and impossible for her to know, that I knew I was dealing with a master intuitive and healer. And it was off to the races from there! The value of the kind of confirmation and deep insight into your soul journey and purpose that Catherine offers is priceless. I’ve worked with some of the highest frequency Lightbearers around, and she is as strong as it gets. I AM very lucky and blessed to have been led to her♡”

~ Inyang

“Wowed is the word that describes best the experience I had with your reading, Catherine. I have received so much guidance, reassurance, inspiration and clarity that I am eternally grateful, dear. And am noticing shifts, lucid dreams and happenings in my waking life, as well as healing physical issues. I have a whole bunch of takeaways and “homework” to unpack for myself. Humbled and honoured to receive this experience.”

~ Marina Logan

I feel like I was this dolphin that had some stuff on me that was affecting my ability to swim and it kind of hurt, I had some internal stuff going on that was affecting my well being, and I had a little trouble with my sonar too and so I couldn’t navigate as well as possible. 

I booked a session with Catherine expecting to get an introduction to my human design and maybe, if I was lucky, a few messages from my guides.
From the first word she spoke, I felt her kindness and love. She was so thorough, providing me with as much information as possible. She said that they said I did good work with her, but really, she did such good work with me. I feel like she got rid of the stuff affecting my ability to swim and helped me fine tune my sonar so I’m better at navigating now. I feel all shiny and new. I just finished transcribing the session. There are so many pearls and jewels, not to mention laughter and fun. Such a good time and so helpful.”

~ Sylvia K

“My reading with Catherine was exceptional. Her uncanny sense of humor as well as the master’s humor has us doing a lot of giggling. So many insights and explanations came forth that I listen to it when I am in a confused mode or need to giggle some more over the truth of this dimension. She even mentioned a secret of mine that I was not even aware of until she said it. Then I knew it was true. You know when truth is being spoken, it just sings to your heart. I feel much more comfortable with myself now that she enlightened me with the reasons for many of my actions or doubts. I understand myself a lot better now so it is much easier to accept who I am. She is extraordinary with her abilities. I am now looking forward to my future with expectation and eagerness.”

~ Mary Grace

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Catherine Rosenbaum

Catherine is a gifted teacher, guide, and visionary.  A true empath who, through love, compassion, humor, and joy, lives out her Human Design as a REFLECTOR. They are rare! (like unicorns!) Only 1% of the human population are Reflectors…they are pure lunar essences, who can reflect back to us the deep, and often hidden, intimate (jeweled) facets of ourselves.

She is a Reflector, blending all Universal maps with Astrology, Quantum knowledge, Gene Keys and anything that includes the Awakening of Humanity codes!  She gets to the heart of what matters, and when revealed, that once-held energy is free to be available for new opportunities that arise for our highest personal growth and for the upliftment of all. To sit with a Reflector is a unique experience that can be revelational.   Catherine’s clarity, insight, and support through a session can open up profound pathways of self-understanding.

Catherine is an international empathic teacher and guide thru time.  She has all been written up in New York Times and Interviewed on TV.  She has been living her design since 2011 and has been teaching Human Design in classes for many years now in Sarasota Florida.