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Anchor Point Course


A 5-part channeled course

Where is your anchor? What brings you back to your energetic home when nothing else will?

The Galactic Beings that I work with, the Pleiadians, Arcturians, those of Orion, the Archangels and more desire for all of us to find our way back to our spiritual home, that place of neutral where we feel we can relax enough to learn and grow as humans and souls.

The course is divided into five sessions. Each session contains a Transformational Healing™️ process, and will bring greater understanding about how to heal as an individual soul, as well as how our collective can heal together.

This channeled course includes the following modules:

  • Your galactic grid
  • Alchemizing your anchor
  • Rebirthing your soul’s divine consciousness
  • Healing your point of astral origin
  • Re-experiencing your spiritual homeJoin us for a beautiful journey back to your soul’s home.


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Anchor Point Course PLUS Private Session with Adalina

You Receive All of the Above



As a mental health expert with over a decade of experience, Adalina leads her clients to retrain their brains to allow deep and lasting healing. Using light and key codes of sound, Adalina works with your inner network of neurons to find resolution for trauma and to recondition your brain. Overcoming PTSD and life-long physical ailments in several sessions, her clients report that years of traditional talk therapy were wasted versus the technology of Transformational Healing™.

Drawing on her years of experience with humanitarian aid organizations, Adalina’s empathic abilities ease resistance, allowing the work to penetrate more deeply into the subconscious, the part of the brain responsible for nearly all functions. Our limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for memory, cognition and emotion, can be retrained to hold higher states of emotion and consciousness. Adalina finds neural pathways throughout your brain to rewire certain functions, such as eating, sleep, releasing abusive relationship patterns, overcoming addictive behaviors and letting go of old trauma and stories about yourself that have been holding you captive from your best life.

Using her gifts as Spirit’s co-worker, Adalina downloads specific key codes of light and sound into your structure to change your cells, overriding conditioning received from your parents and societal conditions, as well as things you brought forward into this lifetime from previous lifetimes. Communicating on the Akashic level, these light and sound key codes also work on the epigenetic level, bringing forth fresh energy and guidance to your body’s natural codes to express in a more balanced and stable way.

As this progresses, Adalina works with multidimensional beings, such as Archangel Michael, the Mary Magdalene collective, the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians and many others to channel transformation into your mind, body and soul. These transformations often express as immediate healing from anxiety, depression, autoimmune conditions, fertility issues and more. Clients often say that they can feel the energy coursing through their body as it is happening, and Adalina asks the Spirit Guides to display their presence to the client in whatever means make sense to them.

If you have a specific Spirit Guide you would like to speak to for healing, such as a deceased loved one, this is also possible through Adalina’s abilities as a psychic medium. Your Spirit Guides will come through Adalina in a way that is for your highest good, meaning that some Spirit Guides may be spiritual or religious figures that have been with you throughout your lifetime. This creates a sense of peace from within, and is an important part of the healing process.

After a session with Adalina, it is important to drink lots of quality water, eat a meal and get plenty of rest for the next few days. The changes taking place in your structure continue over a period of days or weeks and self-care during this time will allow you to make the most of your appointment.


“Adalina’s ability to channel any Guide you choose, including any ancestor or Ascended Master is truly a gift. I found her through her podcast, Light Beings and Wayshowers, and have been working with her weekly ever since. I sleep better, my relationship with my husband is different and I know it is due to our healing work. Thank you, Adalina!”

Leslie G.

“What I like about working with Adalina is that she is a real person. She has a science background, she is grounded in reality but also channeling Guides and healing people. I have found myself again since working with her and I think it is due to her no-nonsense ways. She also insists that you do the work, which was exactly what I needed.”

Catana S.

“This incredible course was nothing short of transformational. To receive five healing sessions coupled with the beautiful meditations and wisdom from the guides was more than I had expected and everything that I needed…I felt held, I felt connected and I felt so loved. I heard, “you are healing so you can help others heal.” And “you are feeling this light and connection so you can teach others.” This experience was so special, so incredible. I have never in my life felt anything like this and am so grateful for this experience. Thank you, Adalina!”

Megan G.

“First I want to thank Adalina & her guides for all the work they do. I have never taken a course like this before in my life. I have been searching for some guidance to assist me on my self healing path, and this course, Adalina & her guides did not disappoint.”

Romney R.

“I don’t know if that was the most extraordinarily HEALING class i’ve ever done, or if I was just finally, and at long last, ready, willing and able to LET GO. Maybe it was both! But WOW! I’ve just had a TREMENDOUS experience with the Divine Guiding Light course.”

Kim S.

“After my first session with Adalina, I noticed a major shift. There have been many times in just this week where I have said something and literally the exact thing I was asking for was being delivered to me – It was powerful manifesting. I felt like it was an awakening, of my innate intuition I knew I always had but never had the confidence to lean in to.”

Upasna B.

“I perform 8 shows a week as a professional dancer. I don’t have time for standard therapies anymore. I have healed most of my injuries through Transformational Healing™ in online sessions with Adalina. I highly recommend it.”

Cara B.

Adalina East

Adalina East

Adalina East, M.Sc., is an international lecturer, educator, mental health expert and intuitive channel, working with a global clientele to recover from trauma and bring forth inner guidance.  Founder of Transformational Healing™, Adalina draws upon her neuroscience and counseling backgrounds, as well as her spiritual gifts to lead others through a soul-driven process to retrain their brains and reawaken their bodies. Channeling healing through the Pleiadians, Arcturians, the Mary Magdalene collective, the Archangel collective and more, Adalina’s multi-dimensional approach to healing brings forth new energy and growth to all that work with her.  Adalina’s decade long career with the United Nations and other humanitarian aid organizations brought her to serve thousands of people in eight countries to overcome trauma and welcome innate wisdom to heal.