✨11:11 Gateway✨✨

✨11:11 Gateway – How was Your journey through the Portal?!✨✨

How has everyone’s 11:11 Gateway been?

What you expected?

Not what you expected?

No matter what your experience KNOW that all is perfect and in perfect timing.

For me the gateway was intense on a physical level. it took me to many extremes, tears, laughter, gratitude and everything in-between!

I was provided an amazing opportunity for growth, change and release.

Prior to the 11:11 gateway I was guided to do a massive clearing of the Archon Program – the original contract of separation. This started at the end of October and completed just before the 11:11 gateway.

During the process of releasing this program I started to experience severe back pain. Little did I know that this was just a fore-runner to what was to come when I completed the releasing.

With the release of the Archon Program completed I entered the 11:11 gateway excited to experience it’s energies as the previous 8:8 gateway had been amazing, magical and beautiful.

However, I awoke on the morning of 11:11 with severe back pain that was affecting my ability to move. I continued with my scheduled client sessions although I had to adapt the setting on some.

I journeyed on how to heal my back pain and was given an image within my journey showing me that the pain was related to my intestines and sacrum and the release of the Archon Program residue within my body. I channeled a message around how to heal the pain and the message was ‘FEEL!’.

So I surrendered to the pain and refused pain relief allowing myself to fully feel the experience.

Then on the Saturday after the gateway I woke unable to move, in excruciating pain, unable to fully weight-bear or walk. This continued the whole day, the pain was so bad at times I cried in pain. At one point I even considered hospital as the pain was so bad.

And at times thoughts went through my head about the ‘what if’s’ but they were fleeting and couldn’t hold onto anything, because deep down within me I KNEW this was temporary and I KNEW there was a deeper reason behind it.

After all of this, I eventually gave in and took pain killers with no judgment as it then felt the right thing to do. This brought the pain to a manageable level where I was able to function albeit with assistance and very slowly. Today as I write this I feel I am coming out of the other side of the experience and am in a position to integrate the energies and benefits.

During the whole experience I KNEW what was happening on an energetic level, on a deeper level than the superficial 3D experience of ‘back pain’. This knowing changed my perspective exponentially regarding the experience and therefore my actions and reactions.

My life experiences in my early years created within me a person who eventually; trusted no-one, was alone and a loner even in company. A person who was shut off inside themselves, never letting anyone else in or really see who I truly was, never allowing myself to be truly vulnerable.

A person who did everything themselves, felt they had to do everything themselves and carried on regardless. If you know Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I was like the Black Knight who even when his arms were cut off was still there saying “It’s just a scratch!… A flesh wound..Come on!!”

A person who when they said they would do something would do it regardless of how they felt or whether it now felt right or not. A person who overran their own intuition and KNOWING to appease and please others. A person who let fear dictate and motivate their actions.

This experience over the 11:11 gateway was partly due to the release of an ancient program that has been running in me and many of us since we agreed to ‘separate’ from the truth of who we truly are.

But this experience was so much more than that too.

It was the perfect experience of the 11:11 gateway energies being integrated within me and offering me the opportunity for growth in the one way the Universe KNEW I would listen – a very visceral, real experience that literally stopped me in my tracks.

I had to STOP, I couldn’t function, I had to rearrange clients and ALLOW my partner to HELP me. The first morning rather than call for help, I struggled for nearly an hour to get dressed only managing to get my lower half dressed with a great deal of pain and anguish. But even during this experience I found myself laughing at myself and the ridiculousness of my behaviour and the situation.

I looked at my lifestyle and the things that needed to change. The experience gave me the space to fully BE and reflect on what activities drain me and what activities energise me. And the experience gave me the space to see that those activities I gave importance to that were draining I could live without. 

This whole experience has left me with a deep and very real sense of GRATITUDE! I came out of the experience fully FEELING how grateful I am just to be able to walk, to be able to move without pain; to bend and reach my feet, to dress myself, to have constant hot running water….

Deep Gratitude for so many things….

In Love, Light & Service To ALL

The day after the 11:11 Gateway as I was sat in agony this poem came through me:

I sit in agony

Each movement like a knife

No flexibility or fluidity currently exist in my physical life

Where did this pain come from?

Why is it here?

What am I to learn or release for this pain to clear?

I tune in and the message is ‘FEEL!’

And as I connect to this, I cry

Tears silently streaming down my cheeks and rolling from my eyes

The pain is in my lower spine, my pelvis and my legs

As jolts of electric nerve pain radiate down

I wonder about its source?

This pain is deep, 

It’s ancient, 

Connected to my core

My sense of belonging, 

My identity,

My choice to live my truth once more

So how to release and let go of this pain?

Of that I’m not entirely sure but I know I need to FEEL the true pain at it’s core

So no more distractions in my life and trying to diagnose

Just feel and release

Feel and release

Until the pain goes!